Monday, August 27, 2007

The Day I've Been Waiting For

Today a new WinCo food store is opening in my neighborhood!!! I used to shop exclusively at WinCo when I lived in Moscow. It is where I learned to shop for food, plan meals, and spend money from my first days as a college student, to my first days as a married woman and beyond. I have many memories there. We actually had to ban hubby from going there because we would end up spending too much money (he's the impulse buyer, while I ONLY buy what's on the list). Both of these spending habits have their cons (for example, I would plan for us to eat fish sticks for dinner, and hubby would say, did you get tartar sauce? wasn't on the list.) We've learned from each other, and I've learned now what sauces (and which brand of sauce) hubby needs for which meals, and we usually have them in stock in the pantry now.

Since moving here, I've had to shop at Fred Meyer (too expensive) and at the new Super Wal-Mart (too expansive). Shopping at the Super Wal-Mart was very overwhelming because if I forgot to pick up toothpaste, it was about a mile away at the other end of the store. It was also overwhelming because they had more than just food there, and I would be tempted to shop for too much at once, and baby did not like this. I can only feed him so many crackers before his timer goes off.

Well, it has been an hour since I put baby down for his nap, and he's still awake. He just played and kept himself occupied...hmm...I guess we'll get going. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I love your new blog! I probaby won't always comment but it is definitely on my "to read" list :)


Kelley Taylor said...

Thanks Erin - I know, it's hard to comment on everyone's blog, let alone get them read ( :