Friday, August 24, 2007

She'll Live on in my Dreams

Yesterday I received a call from my aunt saying that her husband drove past my old house in Idaho to find that it was gone! The manufactured home my mother put on our 5 acres was gone and the new owners are building a house. I don't really feel sad about this; the property really did deserve a "real" house. After all, my step dad built a nice shop a couple of years before we sold the property that was WAY bigger than our manufactured home, so a nice stick-built house will go well. I should mention that the shop is still standing.

When I do dream, I most often dream about this house and the town we lived in. The dreams that involve the house are not nightmares, but I usually am being chased by a bad man and am sneaking around the house trying to outwit the bad man. I should say that I think I probably dream this way because I spent a fair amount of time at the house by myself wondering what I would do if a bad person were on the premises trying to get me. Of course, I've watched my fair share of Oprah and learned to NEVER open the door to strangers. Once, I didn't even let my Grammy in the door. She had recently bought a new car, which I had never seen before. When I spotted this unknown car coming down the driveway, I automatically assumed it was a stranger, and of course, did not answer the door when she knocked. I only learned later when she got back home and called me that it was her (this was in the days before everyone had a cell phone).
Of course, thinking about my memories of this house prompted a new dream last night. The school bus dropped me off a little ways down the road from my driveway. I could hear the snow crunching under my nice black dress shoes (I frequently dressed up in my high school days) as I walked down our long driveway. When I got to the front door, I found that it was not fully closed. I considered my options (which included talking to my mother to make sure she would close the door all the way in the future) and decided to barge in. Everything looked fine in the living room, and then I wandered into the kitchen...upon which I woke up. I should explain that this dream closely mirrors an instance which happened in real life (which is a whole other story for another day).

I also have many real memories from that house: my mother and I planting tree seedlings that have turned into very large trees over the years; our MANY animals throughout the years. My mother worked very hard on our house; she had two decks, a garage, and a patio out back added to the house. She created and kept up the landscaping. I'll never forget her mowing the lawn on the riding lawn mower. We were very blessed to get the riding lawn mower. Before that, we had an electric mower, and so the area that was mowed was limited to the reaches of our extension cords. (I should mention that I was exempt from mowing because of horrendous grass allergies.) I have many memories of snowmobiling on our property, climbing onto the roof to shovel off snow, my mother treading thigh-deep in snow to check the level of the propane tank behind the house, getting stuck in our driveway because of the snow, etc.

So, where did they take our home? Where is she now? Did they gut her and tear her down right there and haul her off in scraps and pieces? Did they donate the home to a needy family? Did they haul it away in two separate pieces just like it came to us? Well, enough nostalia for now; the house will live on in my dreams.

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