Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's a Crazy World Out There

Today I went to Costco, or shall I say I tried to go to Costco. The gas light in my car was on, so I thought that going to Costco to do my shopping and stopping by Costco gas was a great idea. I pulled in to get my gas first, and my Costco card was not reading at the pump. I flagged down the attendant who said the magnetic reader might be finicky, and he used his card so that I could get gas. I inserted my debit card, entered my PIN when prompted, and was told my PIN was invalid. I tried a couple more times only to be told the PIN was invalid a couple more times. I realized that when hubby helped me change my PIN a few weeks ago, something must have gone wrong. I had to cancel the whole transaction, flag down the attendant again so I could use his Costco card so I could use a different debit card (I told him I had "forgot" my PIN number so he wouldn't think I had been denied or anything). The second debit card worked, and I got the gas pumping. I got back in my car to wait as it filled up. I toyed with the idea of calling hubby to tell him of all my troubles, but decided that such a call would need more than a minute, and I know you're not supposed to use cell phones while pumping. I heard the pump shut off shortly after and realized that it only gave me $19 worth of gas. I knew that I was on empty and that my bill should be in the upper $30s. I couldn't start pumping again without flagging down the Costco attendant to use his card, so I just decided that two-thirds of a tank would have to do.

After searching for a while to find a parking spot (this should have been my first sign), I went into Costco to find that the lines to check out were a quarter of the way back through the store. With baby in tow, I knew we would not have a happy shopping time, so I had to walk half way into the store to get around the lines to use the restroom and then leave. What is going on? Do I have to shop at the most odd times in order to shop with just regular crowds, not the super-sized crowds? Where did all these people come from? Shouldn't they be back at the new WinCo?

What a waste of a trip! But little baby really does well if I get back to the house by 1p for him to take his nap, and I know staying to shop at Costco would've interfered. We did stop by the pet store on the way home though, which baby cakes really enjoyed, so I was able to salvage our trip.


Sharon said...

Nicole called me from the "line" for gas at Costco yesterday and asked if there was something going on in the country that she hadn't heard about because the lines were un usually long...:-) Maybe it was so busy because it is around the 1st of the month and they were closed on Monday. I think that they need to build another Costco in your area...it's always so busy!

Nicoly said...

Yeah, and I was at a completely different Costco!!

Kelley Taylor said...

I guess I thought that going shopping right after Labor Day would be okay since everyone else went shopping right before the holiday. I also thought school was in session, but apparently it didn't start until today. You'd think though that if these people are home during the day anyways, that they would wait to shop until today when their kids are in school so they don't have to drag them along...who knows.