Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday's POINTS

GOAL = 26 points

Waffles, peanut butter and sf syrup (4 points) = 4 points total
Potato, Canadian bacon (2 points) = 6 points total
Refried beans 3 servings (3 points) = 9 points total
Lite sour cream (1 point) = 10 points total
FF cheese (1 point) = 11 points total
Pork Sirloin (13 points) = 24 points total
94% ff popcorn (2 points) = 26 points total

Confessional: it was REALLY hard not to eat Ethan's extra food as I prepared it for him and fed it to him. I really badly wanted to slip a little piece of cheese into my mouth, but I didn't!!!Mantra: "If you bite it, write it."


Sharon said...

Hi...I'm back counting Points as well.........I am much more aware of what goes into my mouth when I have to write it down....I went back to the mtgs. It's easy for me and I like the "social" part of it.You'll do well since you alreadt know the 'plan'. I just read the new Nicholas Sparks book....I liked it.....I'll e-mail a couple of good WW recipes...

Kelley Taylor said...

Hi Sharon! Glad to hear you're having success with writing things down. I wouldn't have succeeded yesterday in writing things down except for the fact that I knew I would be publishing it.
I'm picking up the new Sparks books today from the library.
Have a good day!