Sunday, September 30, 2007

WW Challenge

I'm enlisting the help of my online community. I need accountability with counting my Weight Watcher points. I started attending WW meetings on January 18 and quit attending meetings on July 18. In that 6 months I lost 30 pounds, which put me at my pre-pregnancy weight. This month, however, I have gained 4 of those pounds back. With turning 27 years old, I lost a point. And then with weaning Ethan back to two nursings instead of four, I lost two points there. In addition to losing these three points this month, I've had a knee injury that kept me from walking for a while. We also had 2 birthdays this month that left A LOT of cake and ice cream at our house, which I felt obliged to eat. I keep saying I need to start counting points again, but I never do. So enough of my excuses, my challenge is to count points for this next coming week and report them each evening. I thought the accountabilty would help me, so here it goes. My immediate goal is to lose the 4 pounds I just gained back. After that, I want to lose 10 more pounds, then re-join WW, then lose 5 more pounds at which point I'll be at an acceptable healthy weight to qualify for WW lifetime membership. And I want to qualify for lifetime before I get pregnant again.

My points goal is 26 (which seems like hardly any at all when I got to start at 39 points because I was nursing full-time). How can I survive on 26?!!

Mantra for today (maybe for the week): "Fresh fat is easier to lose than old fat."

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