Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday's POINTS

GOAL = 26 points

Oat bake (3 points) = 3 points total
Potato and Canadian bacon (4 points) = 7 points total
FF refried beans (3.5 points) = 10.5 points total
Lite sour cream and ff cheese (2 points) = 12.5 points total
Walk (plus 1 point) = 11.5 points total
sf apple cider (0 points) = 11.5 points total
Kashi bar (2 points) = 13.5 points total
A few bites of baby cake's chicken and polenta (1 point) = 14.5 (trying to be honest here)
Rice spaghetti noodles (4 points) = 18.5 points total
Spaghetti sauce (4 points - rough guess) = 22.5 points total
Popcorn (2 points) = 24.5 points total
hershey kisses (1 point) = 25.5 points total
Zero point fudgsicle = 25.5 points total

I really wanted to 'throw in the towel' and just not count points this afternoon. I just wanted to put food in my mouth and not worry about points, but knowing I said I would post them on my blog has kept me true. It's hard to keep up counting when you don't see immediate results on the scale. I'm reminded of the woman who was kicked off "Biggest Loser" this last week. Her trainer had commented on how tough being a mom was (I think she's a single mom?) and that it was so tough that it made her weigh 280 pounds. I think the pressures of life are what make me want to eat. I tend to think, well, if every thing's going to be difficult, then I want to at least enjoy one thing, and that is food. So, I'm inspired by her because she kept losing after she was sent home. If she can do it, so can I.

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