Monday, October 1, 2007

My Vote's For Jane

My mom had recently told me that Netflix has the series "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." I LOVED this series and watched it growing up. My mom also told me that Netflix has the two made-for-TV movies that were made after the series ended. I don't think I've seen the movies, but I wanted to start at season one and watch all the way through before watching the movies. So, last Monday, I was watching a Dr. Quinn episode, but had to turn it off because "Dancing With the Stars" was starting. I am so delighted to see that Jane Seymore is competing! How exciting! I tend to favor the women stars in this show because I think they have a MUCH harder job than the men stars. I'm also proud of her for being the oldest female contestant. I hope she stays in the competition for a while. Go Jane!

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