Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday's POINTS

*I realize it's a little late to be publishing Thursday's points, but here it goes:

GOAL = 26 points; 4 of 35 extra points used, plus nuts and crusts (see below)

waffles, lite syrup, peanut butter (6 points) = 6 points total
Oat bake (3 points) = 9 points total
Salami with lite swiss cheese (1.5 point) = 10.5 points total
Potato w/ Canadian bacon (4 points) = 14.5 points total
Zero point soup = 14.5 points total
frozen dinner (3 points) = 17.5 points total
Quesadilla (spelling?) (3 points) = 21.5 points total
Egg roll and sweet and sour sauce (6 points) = 27.5 points total
Hershey's kisses (1 point) = 28.5 points total
Zero point fudgsicle = 28.5 points total

Some sugared mixed nuts also found their way into my mouth (one handful); I don't feel like looking up the points. I also ate 2 pieces of crust from hubby's pizza (he doesn't eat the crusts). I obviously had some need to snack in the evening. I also have really been craving a dinner that I don't have to cook. Hubby has been working late this week, so I haven't been making dinners, but on the other hand, I want some real food. But I really need him home to keep baby cakes from clinging to my legs as I try to move about the kitchen. So, not a good night for recording all my points. I'll attribute my nuts and 2 pieces of pizza crusts toward my 35.


Sharon said...

Looks like you had a snacky day..It's amazing how many different things that we can manage to eat in one day! I thought that I had been pretty on track all week....hmmmm...the scale at ww didn't agree....You'll do great because you are a lot more active, what with a toddler and all. I found out something interesting yesterday....that when we get to our goal our daily pts. allowance changes....good news. You probably knew that...:-)

Kelley Taylor said...

Yes, they did mention that once, and that is very encouraging. But, it also makes you realize that to stay on target, we'll be ccounting points (how many ever that happens to be) for the rest of our lives. Actually, I think it would be neat to work for WW (not as a leader but as one of the people who do the weigh-ins), because don't they get paid, plus they are lifetime members so it's free? I think that working for them would be the only way I could honestly continue to count once I reach my goal.