Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Book Review - Someday by Karen Kingsbury

Someday has a dreadful and depressing start. I did not want to keep reading it. The beginning includes a funeral for a baby born with anencephaly. Dayne and Katy's marriage and Luke and Reagan's marriage are both on the rocks. John Baxter decides to not date Elaine any longer, the Christian Kids Theater is no longer running, there is a very minor character - a child who is dying of cancer. Who would want to read on? Because of this, it took me a long time to start this book. We never hear about the sick child again. We hear once from Bailey's friend in Iraq. He misses a deadly roadside bombing that the rest of his troop perished in, but that storyline is never finished.
Dayne and Katy are a little too unbelievable - haven't they ever heard of hiring drivers or having Safeway deliver groceries so they can avoid the paparazzi? Haven't they heard of email or text messages? Yes, there is 7 hour time difference so it's hard to talk on the phone, but they could text.
Most of the storylines are wrapped up neatly and that's the end of that book. Overall, opinion is that it was mediocre. The big positive in this book is that the characters frequently turn to God for help. We see them praying, hearing from Him, and praising Him. I find it encouraging to read this and notice that in my life I found myself talking to God more. This aspect - even though cheesy sometimes is very positive and encouraging.

Even though Someday is the third book in a series of books (which is in a series of books), Kingsbury does a good job of not boring the reader with so much back story from previous books like Macomber tends to do.

Okay, I just checked Karen Kingsbury's website - they have Baxter Family T-shirts - this is over-the-top cheeseball!!!

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