Thursday, June 5, 2008

Book Review - Code Name: Nanny by Christina Skye

Because of the dangerous criminals she prosecutes as the assistant district attorney, Cara O’Connor asks for help from the FBI when she begins receiving death threats. FBI Agent Summer Mulcahey enters Cara’s life to serve as the nanny to her two girls. While on the job, Summer finds an instant attraction to the gardener at Cara O’Connor’s estate. Used to ignoring her feelings, Summer does just that, until she finds out that the hot gardener, Gabe Morgan, is an undercover Navy SEAL – there to help protect the family. When their hunt for whoever is behind the death threats leads them on a trip to Mexico, the temperature rises between Summer and Gabe. Can they protect the family and work out their feelings with each other?

I did not enjoy Code Name: Nanny nearly as much as I did Code Name: Princess. Code Name: Nanny is plot-driven, and I felt Code Name: Princess was character-driven. A lot of time was spent on the details of the covert operations while time between the main characters, Summer and Gabe, is mostly limited to the time they spend together on the job.

Overall: two out of three stars – a decent read.

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