Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Book Review – Freedom’s Price by Suzanne Brockmann

In Freedom’s Price, Brockmann finishes telling the story she began in her book, Forbidden. San Salustiano native, Marisala Bolivar moves to Boston to attend college. Life in her country is better now after the civil war in which she met journalist Liam Bartlett. Marisala helped free Bartlett from prison in San Salustiano and nursed him back to health. They were both attracted to each other, but since Liam was eight years her senior, and Marisala was only fifteen when they first met, they did not act on the passion between them. Marisala’s uncle has asked Liam to look after his niece while she’s in Boston, and when Marisala has no where to live, Liam offers her a room in his condo. Can the two ignore their feelings for each other?

This is a short novel, and other than the main conflict – will the guy and the girl get together or not (which, we all know the answer to that) – there was no other significant conflict in the book. There were several strands that Brockmann could have explored to make the story more interesting and to give it more depth, but it just wasn’t done. I did not find the main characters particularly likeable.

Overall rating: 1.5 stars…I guess you would want to read it if you read the first book, Forbidden.

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