Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dee Henderson is a new author to me. Several people have recommended her to me, so upon exhausting the library's supply of Suzanne Brockmann books, I tried her out. I found two stand-alone books at my local library, so I picked those up. The first, The Marriage Wish, is an inspirational romance. This book was okay, except for one thing. Henderson writes as though she's never been kissed or never held hands with a man she's attracted to. I'm not saying she needs to write rated R books, you can keep it in the G category by at least describing the feelings the characters felt as they first held hands, as they first kissed. Theses events were barely given any attention, except to simply say, "he interlaced his fingers with hers." Hello - Dee, you're totally missing the point of a romance novel here. I'm extremely interested in her personal background. Normally authors have a little blurb about themselves at the end of a book which at some point mentions that they live with their spouse and two cats. Dee's blurb mentions nothing personal except the fact that she's lived in Illinois all her life. Wow.

On to the second book I read, The Witness. In addition to being in the romance and inspirational categories, this one is also a suspense novel. The Witness was even worse than The Marriage Wish. I did not feel inspired from reading about eviscerated cats, multiple bloody stabbings and gruesome crime scenes. And oh, were the couple of muttered prayers to God supposed to be the inspirational part? God was such a non-existent character in this book, and I was left with images of stabbings and bloody cats as I tried to fall asleep. As with The Marriage Wish, Henderson totally left the romance out of her romance novel in The Witness. Henderson has plenty of spots in her writing to add some feelings, but she just doesn't do it.

Dee Henderson = a total thumbs down from me.


Cottage Mommy said...

Kelly, Kelly, kelly. Give her a chance. I am a big Dee Henderson fan although I have to agree that I did not love "The Marriage Wish" and "The Witness" was not one of her best. I started her books with the O'Malley series. They are the suspense/romance type and follow one family through a number of books. I really like them and read them numerous times. The characters ended up feeling like friends. Try these and see if you like them!

Kelley Taylor said...

I just can't bear to read another of her books...tell me, does the O'Malley series have detailed crime scenes in them? I'll maybe try an O'Malley book once I exhaust the library's collection of Debbie Macomber's books. Maybe.