Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Mom: Before and After

My mother's hair has gotten lighter and lighter over the years. It used to be brown, and now it's red/orange. Living in Hawaii and walking everyday in the sun also contributes to the lighter color. The Asains and Hawaiians she works with in Hawaii LOVE her red hair (we all love what we can't have). But I kept bugging her to get it dyed brown again. So, now that we're visiting our family, my cousin Jackielyn is a licensed cosmotologist, and she died my mom's hair. The above picture is my mom from our visit to Hawaii in June. She has it pulled back, so you can't see the highlights that really want to be orange.
And the after shot:

I LOVE it, and all the women in our family love it. She's received some mixed reviews from others. She knows the Asians at work won't like it. My neice said to my mom, "before I could tell you were a grandma, but now you don't look like a grandma." I think that sums it up. The red was okay, and I will admit, looks pretty good in the before picture (I was nice and chose a good picture), but the chocolate brown color looks so much better, and makes her look younger. My mom has a particular picture of herself with her red hair that really shows why the red had to go, but I don't have access to it right now. Maybe later. What do you think? Do you like the before or after better?

Okay, this before picture is WAY too flattering.


whistlererin said...

Hmmm, tough choice. You know I am a sucker for red hair. But I bet she look more like "Mom" with it darker and she definitely looks more like you.

I don't think I can pick. What a lucky lady to look so fabulous with either one!

Nicoly said...

I think she looks like a hot young chic in the after picture!!!! She was pretty before but looks hip and fresh now! Love it!!!