Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biggest Loser

I faithfully watch the Biggest Loser, but this season has been the most disappointing. I'm only rooting for one person, Colleen. Normally there are several people I like on the show, but this season, it seems Colleen is the only one worth rooting for. Last night so much ugliness was revealed by several of the players. We've already known for some weeks that Heba is a vindictive liar and can't let go of things, but last night I was shocked at Vicky (the wife of the former brown team). First, she had no team spirit to win the challenge and declared the prize of videos from her family as not worth it. Her poor family! I know she got a video package last week, but what mother wouldn't want to see her kids again after a week? Then she revealed that the only reason her and her husband are doing the Biggest Loser is to win the money. She plans for one of them to win at the finale, and one of them to win the at-home contest. I was shocked at how shallow she is. There's something else about her that bugged me from her attitude last night, but I've yet to put a name to it.

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Nicoly said...

I soooo agree! Vicki and Brady are just yucky! I knew Heba was that way but jeez people! I feel sorry for their kids. I do love Colleen and really feel for Michelle too. I liked Amy (of Amy and Phil) and still like the young Amy too but Vicki and Brady have GOT to go! AND then Heba! I think she needs to stay on a little while longer and take some more beatings from Bob!!!