Monday, October 13, 2008

Book Reviews

8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber - This is the eighth book in Macomber's Cedar Cove series. It doesn't stand out - nothing special, but nothing bad either. Definetly don't read it if you haven't read the previous seven books in the Cedar Cove series. Macomber likes to focus a lot on the secondary characters and there are too many in this book for a first-time Cedar Cove reader. One character in 8 Sandpiper Way even takes a trek into another one of Macomber's series - Buffalo Valley, which I had fortunately just read. Macomber's Cedar Cove Christmas comes out this month, and a ninth book in the series is in the plans. So there's more to come.

Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery - This is my favorite type of romance book. There's romance (duh, I know, but this one had the right amount), good character development, and relatable characters, plus there was a bakery involved, so any story with a food setting gets extra points from me. This is the second Mallery book I have read, and I eagerly look forward to reading anything else the library has about her. My favorite aspect of this book is the main character. She truly wants to change and improve herself, and once she realizes what her heart wants, she goes for it. She doesn't hide behind self-doubt and uncertainty. She doesn't deceive or play games with the hero of the book. That's my kind of character.

Fantasy by four different authors. Each short story in Fantasy is of a different romance genre. I didn't read one of them because it involved demons or some such weird thing. We'll call this the fantasy romance genre. I don't go for it. Another story was based in London in the 1800s; this one was delightful. Another was a modern romance about a woman dressing up as a man in order to get a newspaper story; it was cute. The last story is completely wacky, and I would never normally read it. It is in the science fiction/romance genre and the main characters are shape-shifting leopard/humans!!! I didn't even know stuff like this existed in the romance genre, and I can't believe I finished it, but I'll tell you why. The main character was completely intriguing. He is genuinely loves his "mate" whom he's searched the world over to find. He truly loves and treasures her. I can't believe it, but I was able to get past the fact that they can shape shift into leopards. I'll have to thank my sci-fi loving husband who must be wearing off on me.

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