Saturday, October 25, 2008

Emeril's Key Lime Pie

This is one of my husband's favorite pies. Emeril's recipe is so easy (and I purchase the pre-made graham cracker crust pie, so it's even easier). I know it's not really Key Lime Pie season, but we're attending a family reunion tomorrow, and I assumed everyone else would bring pumpkin and apple pie, so I'm bringing Key Lime Pie for something different. Hubby even thinks this recipe tastes better than Costco's Key Lime Pie. The recipe calls for lime zest as a garnish on top, but we really don't like zest, so I skip it. Also, the recipe makes a little more than can fit in the pie plate, so I just pour the rest into a greased, small custard dish and bake it along with the pie and enjoy it as my quality taste test sample.
Since I'm taking the pie to a reunion tomorrow, this is the only picture I could get of it. I would rather have taken a picture of a single piece, but I just didn't think taking a pie to the reunion with a piece cut out of it was cooth.
After wrestling that plastic lid on, I couldn't even bear to take it off for the picture.

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