Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My New Blog Background

Nicole introduced me to the website (see the ad in the upper left-hand corner) that has these pretty and free blog backgrounds. I chose this one for now because the black and white design on the sides matches my new apron. I've been meaning to do a post with a picture of my new apron, but when I'm wearing it, I'm too busy cooking or baking to take a picture. But I'll try to do it soon! Today I made wheat-free pumpkin bread. It's good (but I have to eat it with honey on it - it's not too sweet, and I need sweetness in my life.) I'll try to get a picture of the pumpkin bread too.

Post Script - I got tired of the blog background that matched my apron. It was too crazy. So, I've changed it to this autumn background, and now I really owe you a picture of my apron!

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