Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What to do?

I'm pregnant. So needless to say, I'm wearing maternity tops. Now, maternity tops come in two basic styles. You either have to buy a turtleneck or a scoop neck that goes down to your belly button and shows everything. Seeing as how it isn't quite turtleneck whether, and the place I was going yesterday (Bible Study) keeps the room really hot, I had to opt for one of the more revealing shirts. I've noticed a problem with these tops. When I'm eating, crumbs fall...into my cleavage. This happened at Bible Study yesterday. Now, what is the protocol for this? When this situation happened at the family reunion, I knew my cousin had seen it, so I just reached in and retrieved the crumb. I was among family. I was safe. Now at Bible Study, there were at least twenty women sitting so that they could have possibly seen the offending crumb fall. Do I pretend it didn't happen? What if someone did see? Is it worse to leave the crumb in my cleavage or to go digging for it? It's like those 'would you rather' games where you have to choose between two terrible fates. I hate those games. Does the size of the crumb matter? I think it should. Monday's crumb was very small. I left it there.

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