Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bachelor

This is the hardest episode for me to watch because of the overnight dates - it's just creepy that he sleeps with the whole harem, and the harem is okay with that (well, at least okay enough with it to have signed up for The Bachelor in the first place.)

I'm just not sold on the Queen of the Messy Ponytail, Molly.

I can't believe he said of Melissa that she reminds him of Deanna and his ex - RED FLAGS!!

I thought it was cute how Jason and Jillian were on top of the mountain, in their flannel shirts, drinking wine. Oh man...Jillian seemed to stumble a little when Jason asked how she felt about him, but maybe she was just nervous because there were 10 camera people and producers watching and filming everything she said. She seemed to get her feelings out there in the end. Hopefully Jason sees that - that she can be more open and real in private. I really like Jillian, and I don't want to see her hurt. Holy Smoke on the hot tub scene! That was awkward to watch - it was so steamy and was so private. Of course, I didn't turn the channel, I kept watching. Don't want to miss something. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream? Jason, you're a man after my own heart! I've never seen Molly seem so awkward. She's normally so confident and in your face. I can't believe she asked Jason if he was afraid if he would pick the wrong person. I think what she wanted to say didn't really come across that well. Ahh...there's our confident Molly with assuming that Jason was going to ask you to share the Fantasy Suite. You look forward to "sleeping next to Jason?"  ahem....*clears throat*...I don't think that's all that's going to be happening.

Jason actually got to do the asking when it came to nice.

I can't believe Jason sent Jillian home! She was my favorite. Is Jason looking for Mrs. Perfect or someone unattainable when he says he wants a best friend and more? I think Jillian is on the right track with that with wanting to marry her best friend, not sure about Jason. I wish you the best Jillian!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Book "Reviews"

I've been reading a lot, but still don't feel like doing full summaries, so you'll get my very short opinions.

New to me authors - Susan Crandall, Jill Gregory, and Linda Lael Miller - love them all!! Crandall writes contemporary romance/women's issues; Jill Gregory and Linda Lael Miller write cowboy/rancher/western romance type novels  - Gregory's are in a contemporary setting and Miller's in a historical setting.

Brockmann, Suzanne. Kiss and Tell. One of her non-military hero books; very cute.

Crandall, Susan. On Blue Falls Pond. Very good.

Crandall, Susan. Back Roads - totally loved it; go out and read this one.

Gregory, Jill. Wolf River. Very good.

Mallery, Susan. Married for a Month. Very cute; good. I liked how every couple mentioned in the book did not turn out with a typical happy ending.

Miller, Linda Lael. Man from Stone Creek. First in Miller's Stone Creek series. I really enjoyed it, and get this - the romance didn't even start until the very end of the book, but her writing made me have to read it anyways!

Wiggs, Susan. Fireside. Another enjoyable Wiggs book. I liked the heroine in this book because she was not afraid to let her romantic interest see her true feelings. She loved like she had never been hurt before, which is something we probably all aim to do.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Bachelor

I haven't been posting a lot because I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and have a little busy. But, that doesn't stop me from watching some quality TV and sharing my thoughts with my loyal readers.

Oh man, when they recapped those early episodes with Molly, it reminded me why I didn't like her at first. Still not sure about her.

I really like Jillian. Her mom's poem to her was sweet. I liked how Jillian's mom and Jason were able to be so open with each other. I think it took a lot of guts for her mom to admit that she has depression. I really liked Jillian's family, and I think Jason did too. I really like Jillian. I think she has a depth that the other girls don't. 

Sidenote: Jason's biceps are huge. Okay. Take a deep breath.

I liked the outfit Jason showed up in for Molly's date rather than the clothes she picked out for him. Molly is the queen of the messy pony tail; it makes me nuts. Why the preppy country club clothes and then do your hair like that? It cracked me up when Molly started calling her mother by her first name. I don't like Molly as much as Jillian, but I think Jason REALLY likes her.

I think Naomi's profession, being a flight attendant, kind of shows that she's not ready to settle down and have a family. But, she could always choose to do something else. I feel bad that Jason has to kiss her. I just don’t think they have a vibe together. Naomi didn’t warn Jason that her family is wacko! Wouldn’t you say something first? I must say that Jason was pretty cute trying to keep that hoola hoop up. 

Okay, Namoi’s mom is weird, we all saw that. Who hits a dove and then thinks, I’ll save this for when I meet my daughter’s boyfriend?

I’m all for Jesus, but the presentation of Jesus the way the dad did it is so offensive to so many people. I’ve never heard of anyone being converted from such a non-caring in-your-face presentation.

Jason – ever the diplomat.

Naomi is supposedly physic, according to her mom. Her dad claims she was raised Judeo Christian. Curious. Does Naomi know what she is? Newsflash Naomi – if Jason doesn’t care about the same spiritual things you do…you can’t just say who cares. It does matter. I think I know who’s going home.

Melissa – I almost need to wear sunglasses when she smiles; her teeth are REALLY white. I want her to wear some colored lipstick. Too bad about Melissa’s family! At least Melissa’s friends are married. That makes her seem more mature.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bigget Loser

I know this post is a bit late, but I had to say that I laughed for two solid minutes when Bob told Shannon to carry Sione, and she said, "but look how sweaty he is!" That's exactly what I would have said. But she did it! I'm proud of her.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor

What's up with the snake coming out of the cleavage of Melissa's dress? I like the concept of the dress, but I just don't like the snake. Jason really liked those stretchy "pants" she had on.

Okay, does Jason really live on the water, or are they trying to make it look like Sleepless in Seattle?

Is Jason not the sweetest guy? Seeing him with Ty...aww...I can forgive him for spending the night with Molly.

Seeing all the girls staying in a suite in a hotel really made it seem like they are Jason's harem, which is just weird. But, I keep telling myself, the girls knew what they were getting into; they signed up for this.

Tip for all the guys reading my blog (because there are so many of you): see how Jason holds which ever of his harem's face in his hands as he kisses her? Do that and your girl will melt.

What's with the hair up in a messy ponytail, even with an evening dress? I just don't like it. Several of the girls do this.

Jason sounds like he's talking to Ty when he's talking to Naomi.

Poor Stephanie! I can't believe Jason kept Naomi over Stephanie. Stephanie was so classy; that rejection had to have hurt so badly, but she took it so well. I hope she finds love again soon.