Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor

What's up with the snake coming out of the cleavage of Melissa's dress? I like the concept of the dress, but I just don't like the snake. Jason really liked those stretchy "pants" she had on.

Okay, does Jason really live on the water, or are they trying to make it look like Sleepless in Seattle?

Is Jason not the sweetest guy? Seeing him with Ty...aww...I can forgive him for spending the night with Molly.

Seeing all the girls staying in a suite in a hotel really made it seem like they are Jason's harem, which is just weird. But, I keep telling myself, the girls knew what they were getting into; they signed up for this.

Tip for all the guys reading my blog (because there are so many of you): see how Jason holds which ever of his harem's face in his hands as he kisses her? Do that and your girl will melt.

What's with the hair up in a messy ponytail, even with an evening dress? I just don't like it. Several of the girls do this.

Jason sounds like he's talking to Ty when he's talking to Naomi.

Poor Stephanie! I can't believe Jason kept Naomi over Stephanie. Stephanie was so classy; that rejection had to have hurt so badly, but she took it so well. I hope she finds love again soon.

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Cottage Mommy said...

I know about his house...I kept checking out the decor thinking he has done pretty well. But I also think maybe the show staged it a little to make him look better...and a house like that on the water? What does he do for a living? Pretty nice set-up if you ask me!