Monday, May 11, 2009

Dancing With the Stars

What's with Samantha Harris' dress? Even Tom made a comment about it. That's all I'll say about it.

Ty and Melissa have both been my favorites. Ty, because he's so likable. I give him a lot of my votes even though the dancing isn't up to par. I just like him. I've been following his wife, Jewel's Twitter updates, and it's been really neat to see the pictures and read the updates. It really makes them both seem like real people. I have been listening to Jewel since about 1997, and I totally love her! So, it's been really great to read her Twitter updates. I feel like I know her know.

Does anyone else wonder why Melissa's parents are okay with being on TV every week in the audience and then doing an interview on this week's show, but they weren't okay with meeting Jason when Melissa was on The Bachelor? I wonder if they felt bad for seeming to not support Melissa on The Bachelor.

Gilles is an amazing dancer, of course, but he's just not my favorite. Shawn is great and cute, but she's my third favorite after Melissa and Ty. It will be interesting to see who goes home tomorrow.

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Paula said...

I missed the show but I wondered the same thing about Melissa's parents! I like them in the same order as you! I heard a commentator say that Ty is really the winner when you look at his experience and how far he has come!