Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bachelorette - First Impressions

My dear mother has moved to Thailand for the foreseeable future and therefore NEEDS me to give her Bachelorette updates. So, here are my thoughts:

  Kiptyn (pictured) – hot, wow; I REALLY like him. Got a rose.

Michael – break dance instructor, um…not really feeling it; got a rose

Julien – too into himself and his sports; got a rose

Steve – lawyer, shown as a dork, not too hot

Juan, the contractor who works with his mom – definite possibility; got the last rose.

Mark – a little selfish; got a rose.

Kyle – not hot, conceited, weird, creepy, almost 7 feet tall; got lost on the way to the house

Sasha – (Serbian) maybe a possibility; got a rose.

Wes - country singer, wore jeans to first meeting, awkward; Jillian made a face; he’s on to the next round though.

Greg – fitness model, conceited

 Jake – (pictured), pilot, decent looks, looking for his best friend, cute, definite possibility; gave her a little set of wings – cute! I REALLY like him. Jillian chose him first in the rose ceremony.

Bryan – high school coach, swept her off her feet, literally

John P – huh? From Boise Idaho, he looks weird…I can’t look at him.

Brian – consultant, too confident…weird or something; I don’t like him

David, trucking contractor – got nervous when meeting her and couldn’t speak!!! Jillian ends up giving him the first impression rose because he really recovered and was himself during his second impression.

Tanner F – seems nice; got a rose.

Robby – bartender, got a rose

Brad, financial advisor – too dorky, admittedly corny; got a rose.

Mathue, personal trainer – had cowboy hat; got a rose

Simon – soccer coach, has English accent, is like 7 feet tall, and his accent was SO thick, they had to put captions on the screen so we could understand what he was saying. Got a rose.

 Jesse –(pictured) wine maker; I REALLY like him; Jillian chose him second in the rose ceremony – boy I really called it!

Adam, Olympic cyclist, not too hot

Caleb, photographer, wore jeans to first meet her

Josh, lifeguard

Jillian was hanging out with the 25 guys when Chris, the host introduced 5 more guys for her to choose from.

Sorry Mom, I couldn’t type up comments on the surprise guys, Babycakes needed to be rocked to sleep. No real winners or memorable men in that bunch though.

My three favorites are Kiptyn (forgot what he does), Jake the pilot, and Jesse the winemaker.

Ed got a rose. Mike got a rose. Some other guy from the final 5 got a rose. Tanner P from the final 5 got a rose. He’s obsessed with feet – weird.

This summary of the guys is no way conclusive; I was taking care of Babycakes while trying to take notes. Looks to be a good season with 4-5 good choices.

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Paula said...

Very good comments! I can really get an idea--especially since you put photo's!. Iol on the one you said you couldn't even look at!
Thank-you wonderful daughter!