Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 6-29-09

This is the week of the hometown visits on The Bachelorette. Jillian will be visiting the homes of 5 guys. First off, we have Reid in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reid showed Jillian around town, then they went to meet the family. Jillian really liked Reid’s mother. Reid admits to his father that Jillian is a girl he could fall in love with. Reid’s family said they are not used to seeing Reid being so affectionate. Jillian said she really fell hard for Reid on this visit.

Next, Jillian visited Michael’s hometown of Astoria, New York. She gets to meet Michael’s identical twin brother and his parents. Michael and his brother tried to pull the old twin switch-a-roo on Jillian, and she knew right away. Good job, Jill! Jillian admitted that Michael’s age really bothers her, but after talking to his twin, he put her fears aside. Poor Jillian, it sounds like she had a really bad cold for this visit.

Jillian visits Kiptyn in San Diego, California next. His parents live in a huge house with great views. Jillian feels a little intimidated and said this might be the first family she doesn’t fit in with. However, Kiptyn’s parents put her at ease once they show her their hot tub which they’ve cordoned off with police tap (in reference to her steamy hot tub scene with Jason from The Bachelor). Kiptyn’s mom was the first of the family’s to really grill Jillian. Jillian and Kiptyn sneak past the police tape and take a dip in the hot tub.

Next Jillian visits Jesse in Carmel Valley, California at his family’s winery.

Jesse’s brother grills Jillian and asks her if he and Jesse have been naked together. Jillian quickly answers, “No! No…that doesn’t come till later.” Jillian really got along well with Jesse’s family, and Jillian really likes the idea of running a winery.

The final hometown date is in Austin, Texas with Wes, scumbag of the century. Jillian feels like one of them is holding something back, but she doesn’t know who and she doesn’t know what and she hopes to find that out on this trip. We know from the previews that Jake, the pilot comes back to tell her that Wes has a girlfriend and is only on the show to further his musical career. It’s about time she finally got a clue the poor thing! Wes, of course, has his band play for Jillian. He shares with the producers that his ultimate goal is to help his new CD do well. Poor Jillian thinks he’s doing this all for her. Wes admits that he loves to be on the stage and no feeling can compare. Wes flat out tells Jillian that he is on the show for her, and that he’s not a good liar. He’s totally lying to her!!! Make me sick!

Enter, Jake the hot pilot. He says he’s not coming back to change Jillian’s mind about him, but to warn her about Wes. He’s says it’s not fair that Wes is playing with Jillian’s heart, and he’s going to stop him. Go Jake! When he meets with Jillian, he has a hard time spitting it out, but he finally tells Jake that Wes has a girlfriend named Laurel. Jake said that Wes spoke of Laurel, his girlfriend, three separate times. Jillian is very saddened and humiliated. Jake warns Jillian that when confronted, Wes will deny it and that he’s very quick on his feet.

When Jillian confronts Wes, she gives him an opportunity to share anything he might want to share. He doesn’t admit anything and when Jillian says Jake came and told her that Wes had a girlfriend. Wes said that that is crazy and tries to backpedal, but Jillian’s not buying it. Wes is so sick! He keeps reiterating how honest he’s being and says he’s not a good liar. Jillian has Jake come up to the room. He and Wes bicker; Wes will not admit that he told Jake he has a girlfriend, and Jake claims Wes told him just that. Jillian has Jake leave so she can sort out what she wants to do from here. Jake is in tears over the situation. He really cares for Jillian and does not want to see her hurt. Oh man, he would make a good candidate for The Bachelor!! He’s hot, nice, and stands up for what he believes in. Plus, he looks hot in his pilot’s uniform.

Jillian agrees to go ahead with the visit to the family. Wes’ family assures Jillian that Wes is truthful and a one-woman man. Oh man! Jillian still likes him!

When Jillian is back in L.A., she gets a visit from Ed, who voluntarily left the show. He says he wants a second chance. Jillian is really thrown for a loop. She says that Ed can come to the rose ceremony where she’ll decide.

Jillian gives Ed a rose!! I am so shocked! I am also disgusted because she chose Wes over Jesse. Jesse is going home and so is Michael. Jesse was my favorite of the guys left on the show. Jesse hugs Jillian but doesn’t say anything to her. He is very hurt. Michael is very hurt as well. I guess my next favorite is Kiptyn. Next week, Jillian takes the final four to Spain.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strawberry Picking

My Little Guy loves to pick my strawberries at home and he often picks the green ones (the stinker), so I thought it would be a good idea to take him to a strawberry patch where he could pick strawberries to his heart's delight. Here's the fruit of our labors.
I made a dairy-free strawberry and chocolate "milk" shake. It was DELICIOUS! (And no, I didn't count the Weight Watchers POINTS.)

The strawberries needed to be used right away, so I used a lot of them to make a double batch of strawberry sauce. I will use some of the sauce for a topping of the cheesecake I'm going to make for Fourth of July. This strawberry sauce was simple:

Boil 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water for 12 minutes. Then add 2 cups crushed strawberries and boil for one minute. Chill.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wraps

My neighbor brought over a bunch of lettuce from her garden, so I decided to use the large leaves as wraps for my chicken fajitas. They were good!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 6-22-09

Eight guys are left in this, the sixth episode of The Bachelorette. They guys get to join Jillian Harris on a private train ride across British Columbia and Alberta. The five guys left at the end of this episode get to take Jillian to their hometowns.

Robby, the bartender gets the first one-on-one date, which will take place on the train. Jillian says that being around Robby makes her feel 5-10 years younger. Robby shares that he’s ready to settle down, even though he’s only 25 and in between jobs. Jillian worries that he doesn’t know how he’s going to pay the bills and where he’s going to be. This leads Jillian to tell Robby that she feels like he is someone she could marry…five or ten years from now. The train stops and lets Robby off in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Bye Robby. I think Jillian made a good decision. She even mentioned that he should maybe go to Bartending School, to which he replied, “I don’t know.” So, he’s calling himself a bartender, but he’s not even licensed? This kid is really nice, but he needs to get his act together concerning his occupation.

Wes, the country music singer, admits to the producers, “If there is anyone here for a hidden agenda it probably is me. Because I’ve worked for over a year on an album…I have nothing to lose. I have everything to gain.” What a conniving snake! Jillian, when will you see him for what he is? After sending Robby home, Jillian was resting in her train car, and Wes went in to play his game and “comfort” her. Jillian shares that she thought letting guys go would be easier, because she expected more jerks. Wes smiles to himself and tells her she needs to wait and see – there are a couple of jerks left. Wes admits to the producers, “The fame that I get from this, it’s almost like I taste it and I eat it… It becomes a part of me. There’s no doubt this will help me. I’m getting excited. This is fun… I’ll always have Jillian wrapped around my little finger.” This guy is unbelievable! Who wants to buy the music of a self-professed liar and con artist? He truly is disgusting.

The next morning, Jillian reveals that everyone but Reid, the realtor, gets a group date. They get to go snowshoeing at Emerald Lake, British Columbia. Jillian decides to play hide and seek, and Jake, the pilot (my favorite) finds her first and gets in a little cuddle time. Oh, I wish she’d pick him, but I have a feeling she won’t. Ugg.

Poor Reid is stuck on the train by himself while the other guys are on the group date. He starts chatting with the train staff and gets advice on sharing his feelings with Jillian and whether or not to wear his glasses on the date.

At the end of the group date, they have a cocktail party at a cozy lodge, and Jillian calls Jake aside. Jake shares that he would love to take her home to meet his family. Just as Jake is about to tell Jillian how he feels about her, some of the other guys come and interrupt them. Bummer!

Next, Kiptyn spends one-on-one time with Jillian. He shares outright that he likes Jillian. Kiptyn also gets his kissing time in with Jillian. That girl likes to smooch with him!

Michael, the break dance instructor decides to mix things up and in front of everyone, asks Jillian what she sleeps in. She says for everyday, just underwear and a tank top, but if she’s had a couple drinks, just underwear. Tanner P decides that it would be a good time to show Jillian what he wears, and pulls down his pants to show off his briefs. I think Tanner P just earned a “too tacky” point. Jillian shares that it was funny, yet awkward, and she’s not ready to see anyone’s package yet, even though it was huge (her words, not mine).

Tanner P spends one-on-one time with Jillian and rubs her feet. He says that because her feet are so soft, he wants to take her home to meet his family. *Sigh*…he’s just so childish and shallow. I believe there is a right girl out there for him, but it’s not Jillian.

Has anyone else noticed that most of the guys left are from Texas?

Jesse (not from Texas) shares how he feels about Jillian and how he knows his family will fall in love with her, and Jillian reaches out to kiss him. She hardly ever initiates the kisses with the guys, so I took this as a good sign. Jesse is my second favorite.

Tanner P admits to the other guys that he was the one who told Jillian about the fact that one of the guys has a girlfriend. Wes says that he can’t stand a tattle tail. Who is he to get in a tizzy because someone told? He’s a liar! Jake says that if he knew specifically who had a girlfriend, he would point that person out. Jesse says that if he knew, he wouldn’t tell because it’s not his business. Wes admits to the other guys that he’s already been on 6 shows and that’s good for publicity, and now he can “haul ass.”

At the end of the group date, Kiptyn gets the rose. Jake gets more one-on-one time with Jillian and tells her that he’s crazy about her. He tells the producers that he would love to marry her.

Reid and Jillian go snowboarding for their one-on-one date. When they warm up back at the hotel, they have meat fondue and Reid shares that that freaks him out because of the germs. Jillian is glad Reid feels comfortable enough to share who he really is.

The train ride ends in Banff, Alberta. Chris, the host, prompts Jillian to talk about Wes and whether or not she thinks he is here for his career. Jillian shares that she was worried about that at first, but she feels they really have a connection and she doesn’t think he knows how to lie. She knows he truly cares about her. Oh, Jillian, if you could only see!

Totally unexpected – Jillian did NOT give Jake a rose. That makes me SO sad. Tanner P also didn’t get a rose. I’m so sad for Jake. Jillian doesn’t really give Jillian a reason why she didn’t choose him.

The promos show that Jake goes back to tell Jillian that Wes has a girlfriend and hints that he is back in the show. Can’t wait to see!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pike Place Market

We took the kiddos to the Pike Place Market and to the Seattle Aquarium today. It was hard wielding the stroller with my Baby Girl and having my Little Guy walking, but it was worth it. After the aquarium, we had lunch at the restaurant in the bottom right picture, The Fishermans Restaurant and Bar. It was really nice to sit down, and we got a table right by the window so we could look out at the water and watch the boats. The food was excellent! After the restaurant we braved the market; all in all, a fun day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad

I made this delicious dinner from the July issue of Cooking Light magazine. I was a little worried about serving it to my husband because it has fruit in it, and there are no starches, but it was delicious and my picky husband really enjoyed it. I will definitely make it again. This was my first time grilling fish on the BBQ, and it was quite easy and turned out! I'm so happy!

Recipe from Cooking Light magazine.

Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad


¼ cup fresh orange juice

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons balsamic blend seasoned rice vinegar (such as Nakano) *I used 1 tablespoon rice vinegar and 1 tablespoon balsamic vinaigrette.

½ teaspoon honey mustard

½ teaspoon black pepper

1 garlic clove, minced


2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

4 (6-ounce) salmon fillets (about 1 inch thick)

2 teaspoons black pepper

Cooking spray

1 (6-ounce) package fresh spinach

4 oranges, each peeled and cut into 6 slices

  1. Preheat th frill to medium-high heat
  2. To prepare vinaigrette, combine first 6 ingredients ina large bowl; stir well with a whisk.
  3. To prepare salad, drizzle lemon juice over fillets; sprinkle with 2 teaspoons pepper. Place fillets, skin sides up, on a grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill 5 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork or until desired degree of doneness. Remove skin from fillets; discard.
  4. Add spinach to vinaigrette in bowl; toss well. Place 2 cups spinach mixture on each of 4 serving plates; arrange 1 fillet and 6 orange slices on top of greens. Yield: 4 servings

Nutrition: Calories: 474; Fat 25.7g; Protein 36.2g; Carb 27.5g; fiber 8.4g

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 6-15-09

On the fourth episode of The Bachelorette, Jillian and the remaining 10 guys spend the week at a ski resort in Whistler, BC. The first date is one-on-one with Michael, the break dance instructor (pictured). For the adventure part of the date, they each zip down a line strung across an icy creek. Michael has been infatuated with Jillian since the beginning. Michael is like a puppy and is in “puppy love” with Jillian. Jillian says she feels like a little kid when she’s with him, which she likes. But, Jillian wants to see if he’s looking for a partner for life. Back at the resort, the guys find out who is one the group date. Everyone but Jesse is on the group date, which leaves him with the other one-on-one date. The guys continue the conversation about who and who doesn’t have a girlfriend back home.

Jillian and Michael finish the date with dinner at a fancy bistro. Michael tells Jillian that he falls in love in easy and that he is a romantic. Jillian brings out the tough questions and asks Michael why he signed up for The Bachelorette. He assures Jillian that he is here for the right reasons, and he gets the rose.

One the group date, the guys and Jillian go snowmobiling. Jillian is scrutinizing every guy to see why they are on the show. Jillian chooses Robby the bartender to ride on the snowmobile with her. Robby is very sincere and genuine and passes Jillian’s radar. She doesn’t think he is the one with another girlfriend.

Tanner P, the one who told Jillian about the fact that one of the guys has a girlfriend on the last episode, seeks out Jillian to talk with her about the girlfriend issue. He still doesn’t tell her any names.

The producers always show Wes, the country music singer when anybody talks about the fact that one of the guys has a girlfriend back home, and if that’s true, he’s really fooling Jillian. Jillian is falling under Wes’ spell. Jillian asks Wes if he’s on the show to further his career, and he doesn’t flat out say no. He hedges about and says some things that sound nice, but he never said no. After spending time with Wes during the date, Jillian declared, “I love Wes. I love that he’s kind of bad ass and sweet.” She said that if he had a girlfriend, she would know. Later, Wes admits to the producers that there’s no doubt that being on the show will help his publicity.

The group date ends with an ice bar at the lodge. Jillian pulls Kiptyn, the business developer (pictured) aside and invites him to feel her butt (it was wet from sitting on the ice). In a cute and vulnerable moment, Jillian blurts out, “I like you.” Then, kind of surprised that she said that, she says it again, “I like you. Do you like me?” Kiptyn answered positively and without a doubt, “yes.” Jillian said she can’t even process what he’s saying because she can’t stop looking at him because he’s so cute. There was A LOT of snuggling and kissing going on! I think she likes kissing him the best.

Next, Jillian pulls aside Reid, the realtor. Reid shares where he pictures himself five years down the road, with a family and kids. Jillian asked Reid who has a girlfriend, and he told her no one has a girlfriend, and then joked with her that lots of them have girlfriends. Kind of weird!

Jillian likes Ed, the technology consultant (pictured) but feels like he’s distant from her and from the other guys. She says she doesn’t know how to read him. He shares that he had a conference call from his boss that morning and his boss gave him an ultimatum about either coming back to work immediately or lose his job. Ed tells the producers that if Jillian gave him the indicators that she felt strongly for him, he would give up his career. Jillian decides to give the group rose to Ed and tells him to decide whether he wants to keep the rose or give it back in a couple days. Jillian says she will understand if he has to go home.

For the one-on-one date with Jesse (pictured) , Jillian takes him up on a ski plane and they fly to and land on a glacier. Jillian and Jesse run around and play in the untouched snow, then sit down to talk. Jesse tells Jillian that regardless of what happens, he will remember her forever. Jillian tells the producers that when he said that, it gave her butterflies in her stomach.

Later on at dinner, Jillian asks Jesse if he thinks it’s too soon to get together with someone. Jesse took his time in answering, but he finally said that it wasn’t working for a while, and he just hung on to the relationship for longer than he should have. Jillian was shocked when Jesse told her that he doesn’t talk to his ex at all anymore. Jesse asks Jillian if she is willing to leave Vancouver. She surprises him by saying that she doesn’t want the person she falls in love with to move to Vancouver. She wants to put her life in someone else’s hands and try to make her business in another city. Jesse scores more points by complimenting Jillian on her voice. They end the night in the hot tub. Jillian and Jesse each look so happy with each other. Jillian says her and Jesse have major sparks.

Before the rose ceremony, Ed tells Jillian that he has to leave so he can go back to his job. This of course hurts Jillian. She wishes he would have thought about this before he signed up for the show. She really liked him. In a weird twist, Ed says he doesn’t want to give the rose back because he doesn’t think anyone else should have it. Jillian says that she wants him to promise that when he does find the girl he’s crazy about, to not let work get in the way. Jillian is left wondering if she is good enough for somebody to sacrifice their career for her.

Jillian decides that she doesn’t need a cocktail party, and since Ed kept his rose even though he left, only one more guy has to go home. Jillian sends Mark the pizza guy home. She says he never once said that he liked her or that he wanted to say.

Teasers for next week’s episode show overnight dates and hints that one of the guys wasn’t able to, ahem… “perform” and shows Jillian crying about that. I know the producers like to trick us, so I’m anxious to see what really goes on.

Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

I wasn't going to make this pie, even though I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter, due to the fact that I know I would it all, and that's not really in line with the Weight Watchers plan. But I forgot that I had a potluck to attend today so I made it. The recipe is on Pioneer Woman's Cooking site. Now, don't continue reading if you don't want to know the Weight Watchers Points value of 1/12 of this pie...Here's your last's 10 points for 1/12 of the pie!!! I only ate one delicious piece at the potluck and only had to bring 2 pieces back home with me. My Little Guy ate one piece and I'll eat the other piece tomorrow. I even made the crust with Wheat-free Oreos!
Photography note: my yellow posterboard got ruined from photographing my lemon bars on it. So I had to use blue posterboard for this pie, and I'm not the happiest with the result. Off to Joann's to get more yellow!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bakerella's Lemon Bars

I was really inspired by Bakerella's pictures of her Lemon Bars. The pictures she takes of her sweet confections are really professional looking, and I read on Pioneer Woman's site that Bakerella uses the automatic function on her camera (which is really easy to do, no special tricks or knowledge required). So I wanted to see if I could create really good dessert photos too, and I'm happy with my results. Of course this task required that I make and eat the Lemon Bars - I know, it's a tough life. Actually, I've only eaten 2 of these little nummies because I am counting my points. And I will save the rest for the company we're having over tomorrow. Oh yeah, I made these with my wheat-free flour and they are just as delicious as the regular version.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homemade Pitas

Hubby made homemade pitas the other day. This was the first one that really turned out - meaning it puffed up enough to fill with goodies inside.

Here's the filled pita. Please excuse the plate. I'll try to get hubby to write the the ingredients, etc.

Weight Watchers Update

Shout out to my friend Sarah who has been my accountability partner for counting points on the Weight Watchers plan. I lost 2.6 pounds this week and really feel like I'm on the right track finally. I finally feel like this is possible. It's helped a lot to weigh or measure everything I eat. In some instances I was counting food as too many points and in some cases, I was counting too little. Thanks for being my inspiration Sarah!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Bachelorette

Jillian takes the final 13 guys to her hometown of Vancouver, BC. Kiptyn, a business developer, (pictured) gets the first one-on-one date. Jill says she can imagine spending her life with him. He and Jill kayak to a public market where they purchase groceries for cooking dinner later that night at her house. Jillian likes kissing Kiptyn, and they share little kisses throughout the day. Jill gives Kiptyn a rose and says that he makes her feel like the only woman in the world.

For the group date starts out at the Olympic Curling area (Vancouver Olympics 2010). The guys are split into two groups, and the winning group gets to spend the rest of the day with Jillian. Michael, the break dancer, admits that Jesse, the winemaker is a really cool guy all around. Jesse the wine maker is so cute! He (pictured), along with Kiptyn and Jake are my favorites. Jesse reminds me of Justin Chambers from Grey’s Anatomy and the Wedding Planner. The winning group went on a boat ride and Jill got to spend one on one time with several of the guys. David, the angry trucking contractor, went in for a kiss and Jillian didn’t kiss him. David was disrespectful towards Jillian; he told her her “ass is f-ing hot”; he pointed out the fact that her bra was showing. He’s a total loser, and I think Jillian saw that. Jesse got the rose during the group date – yay!

Mark, the pizza guy and Mike the baseball camp owner (pictured) are chosen to go on the two on one date. Mike has McDreamy hair. Mike is really open with Jillian and shows her who he is. Mark is very quiet. In a shocking conclusion to the date, Jillian sends Mike home.

During the rose ceremony cocktail party, Jillian is informed by Tanner that some of the guys have girlfriends back home. Tanner tells the producers that Wes, the country music singer still likes one of his girlfriends back home. Jillian stops the cocktail party and confronts the guys with this news and wants to know the truth. Jake steps forward and declares that he’s there to find love and would be pissed if someone else is there who already has a girlfriend because he is taking time away from him and Jillian. All the guys think Wes has a girlfriend back home, but he says he doesn’t. The guys want the person to confess to having a girlfriend back home, but obviously, no one admits to it. David says the easy way to solve it is to tell them who told her this news and ask him. In a rare display, Chris the host, gets into it and defends Jillian saying that what guys tell Jillian in confidence isn’t meant to be shared. So with no more information from the guys, Jillian starts the rose ceremony. Jillian sends Juan, the general contractor and angry David (pictured) home. When David asked Jillian why she was sending him home, she said, “I don’t know.” Not her best moment.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strawberry Crisp

With try to follow Weight Watchers, I have missed out on baking. But, the other day I had a lot of ripe strawberries and decided to make a strawberry crisp.

The whole thing is 28 points, and I usually eat a quarter of it at a time, so it's 7 points a serving. It's delicious! I still have a lot of strawberries left, so I am going to try to make a lighter version, which will be 5 points a serving.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Chicken Kabobs

I made Chicken Kabobs on the BBQ tonight. We hardly ever have these, but I don't really know why. They're tasty and pretty easy. Also pictured are my BBQ potatoes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New Bedroom: Before and After

In an earlier post, I gave you a sneak peak of the pillows and throw blanket in my new bedroom. Here are the before and after pictures of the (almost) finished product.
We've had this bedspread/bed in a bag since we got married 8 years ago.
Here's my new and inproved bedspread/curtain/pillows. I have two more pictures to put up on the wall, but I wanted to show you the pictures now. I finally have window treatments!!

I love the lighter bedspread and sheets. It makes me feel like I'm staying in a hotel.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bachelorette

On this, the third episode of The Bachelorette, Ed, the technology consultant (pictured) gets a one-on-one date with Jillian. It’s all about adventure. Ed and Jillian take a helicopter ride Jillian admits she’s really attracted to him and says they already have a lot of chemistry. Once the helicopter lands on the building, Jillian breaks the news that they will be sliding down a set of ropes attached to a very tall building in downtown LA. Ed says he’s more spontaneous than dangerous and admits that this was scary for him. Ed’s really cute and Jillian shared a kiss with him in the pool. Jillian and Ed end the date with a fancy dinner on the top of the building. Jillian is worried than she and Ed are each too into their careers. Ed gets a rose.

The second date takes 11 of the guys on a western movie set and they film different scenes. The guys are excited to get to kiss Jillian, but two of the guys find out the’re playing gay cowboys. Brad the financial advisor and self-proclaimed “ultra bad ass,” kisses Jillian like she’s a sister. Wes, the country music singer again shows his jealousy. Robby, the bartender, (pictured) gives Jillian a genuine kiss during his scene with her, and she was very impressed.

Later on for the group date, they go to a swanky place on a rooftop in downtown LA. Reid, the realtor, didn’t get much alone with Jillian before Juan, the general contractor that none of the guys likes, interrupts him. Back at home, David the trucking contractor

(pictured) shows his angry/scary side when he tells about how much he doesn’t like Juan. And Sasha, the oil contractor finds out he gets the second one-on-one date with Jillian. Back at the party, Tanner P., the foot fetish guy kisses Jillian’s feet within 10 seconds of getting in the hot tub with her - weird. Robby gets the rose for the night. He’s pretty cute and genuine.

Jillian takes Sasha

(pictured) to a car museum. Then he gets to drive a Ferrari. Sasha shares that when he was 18, he was in a serious car accident. Jillian was floored. They talked about Sasha’s past girl friends. Jillian shares that she’s scared that he has never been heartbroken and she’s afraid she can’t meet his expectations, so she didn’t give him the rose! Sasha took it well. The guys back home rejoice at the fact that Sasha is going home. Later that night, Wes, the country music singer, takes his guitar up to Jillian’s house and seranades her with a song he wrote (which is why all the guys think he’s there for the wrong reason). He makes Jillian cry, and he sings the song again. I can’t decide if he’s there for the wrong reasons or not. I trust Jillian, and she seems to think he’s genuine. She says she’s willing to take that chance with him.

During the rose ceremony, David, the angry trucking contractor gets some time alone with Jillian, and Juan interrupts them. David tells the camera that if it weren’t for Jillian, he would kill Juan and beat the bleeping bleep out of him. David admi

ts he’s used to being the top dog and he’s used to getting attention. He’s really changed since she gave him the first impression rose on the first night. He has all that anger inside him. The other guys accuse Juan of being fake and lying, but Jillian really feels like he’s genuine. Reid, the realtor, kisses Jillian for the first time tonight. Tanner P. is OBSESSED with Jillian’s feet. He’s a sweet guy, but the feet thing just makes him a little quirky.

In a fit of anger, David starts snipping at everybody, not just Juan. Reid comments that David looks like he’s going to kill somebody. Brad

David has a little fight with another guy. David said that he might

not be the right guy for Jillian, but he KNOWS Juan isn’t the right guy for Jillian, and this really bugs him. He’s worried that Jillian won’t see who Juan really is. David and Juan have a confrontation, and we see that David is a very rude person. David has some serious issues in general to let Juan bug him this much, while Juan is really handling the accusations and drama well.

In addition to Sasha, the other two guys to go home are Brad and Tanner F.

BBQ Grilled Asparagus

I was so excited by my success of cooking a whole meal on the BBQ last week, that I did it again today. I did baby red potatoes, BBQ pork, and grilled asparagus. It was nummy!