Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 6-15-09

On the fourth episode of The Bachelorette, Jillian and the remaining 10 guys spend the week at a ski resort in Whistler, BC. The first date is one-on-one with Michael, the break dance instructor (pictured). For the adventure part of the date, they each zip down a line strung across an icy creek. Michael has been infatuated with Jillian since the beginning. Michael is like a puppy and is in “puppy love” with Jillian. Jillian says she feels like a little kid when she’s with him, which she likes. But, Jillian wants to see if he’s looking for a partner for life. Back at the resort, the guys find out who is one the group date. Everyone but Jesse is on the group date, which leaves him with the other one-on-one date. The guys continue the conversation about who and who doesn’t have a girlfriend back home.

Jillian and Michael finish the date with dinner at a fancy bistro. Michael tells Jillian that he falls in love in easy and that he is a romantic. Jillian brings out the tough questions and asks Michael why he signed up for The Bachelorette. He assures Jillian that he is here for the right reasons, and he gets the rose.

One the group date, the guys and Jillian go snowmobiling. Jillian is scrutinizing every guy to see why they are on the show. Jillian chooses Robby the bartender to ride on the snowmobile with her. Robby is very sincere and genuine and passes Jillian’s radar. She doesn’t think he is the one with another girlfriend.

Tanner P, the one who told Jillian about the fact that one of the guys has a girlfriend on the last episode, seeks out Jillian to talk with her about the girlfriend issue. He still doesn’t tell her any names.

The producers always show Wes, the country music singer when anybody talks about the fact that one of the guys has a girlfriend back home, and if that’s true, he’s really fooling Jillian. Jillian is falling under Wes’ spell. Jillian asks Wes if he’s on the show to further his career, and he doesn’t flat out say no. He hedges about and says some things that sound nice, but he never said no. After spending time with Wes during the date, Jillian declared, “I love Wes. I love that he’s kind of bad ass and sweet.” She said that if he had a girlfriend, she would know. Later, Wes admits to the producers that there’s no doubt that being on the show will help his publicity.

The group date ends with an ice bar at the lodge. Jillian pulls Kiptyn, the business developer (pictured) aside and invites him to feel her butt (it was wet from sitting on the ice). In a cute and vulnerable moment, Jillian blurts out, “I like you.” Then, kind of surprised that she said that, she says it again, “I like you. Do you like me?” Kiptyn answered positively and without a doubt, “yes.” Jillian said she can’t even process what he’s saying because she can’t stop looking at him because he’s so cute. There was A LOT of snuggling and kissing going on! I think she likes kissing him the best.

Next, Jillian pulls aside Reid, the realtor. Reid shares where he pictures himself five years down the road, with a family and kids. Jillian asked Reid who has a girlfriend, and he told her no one has a girlfriend, and then joked with her that lots of them have girlfriends. Kind of weird!

Jillian likes Ed, the technology consultant (pictured) but feels like he’s distant from her and from the other guys. She says she doesn’t know how to read him. He shares that he had a conference call from his boss that morning and his boss gave him an ultimatum about either coming back to work immediately or lose his job. Ed tells the producers that if Jillian gave him the indicators that she felt strongly for him, he would give up his career. Jillian decides to give the group rose to Ed and tells him to decide whether he wants to keep the rose or give it back in a couple days. Jillian says she will understand if he has to go home.

For the one-on-one date with Jesse (pictured) , Jillian takes him up on a ski plane and they fly to and land on a glacier. Jillian and Jesse run around and play in the untouched snow, then sit down to talk. Jesse tells Jillian that regardless of what happens, he will remember her forever. Jillian tells the producers that when he said that, it gave her butterflies in her stomach.

Later on at dinner, Jillian asks Jesse if he thinks it’s too soon to get together with someone. Jesse took his time in answering, but he finally said that it wasn’t working for a while, and he just hung on to the relationship for longer than he should have. Jillian was shocked when Jesse told her that he doesn’t talk to his ex at all anymore. Jesse asks Jillian if she is willing to leave Vancouver. She surprises him by saying that she doesn’t want the person she falls in love with to move to Vancouver. She wants to put her life in someone else’s hands and try to make her business in another city. Jesse scores more points by complimenting Jillian on her voice. They end the night in the hot tub. Jillian and Jesse each look so happy with each other. Jillian says her and Jesse have major sparks.

Before the rose ceremony, Ed tells Jillian that he has to leave so he can go back to his job. This of course hurts Jillian. She wishes he would have thought about this before he signed up for the show. She really liked him. In a weird twist, Ed says he doesn’t want to give the rose back because he doesn’t think anyone else should have it. Jillian says that she wants him to promise that when he does find the girl he’s crazy about, to not let work get in the way. Jillian is left wondering if she is good enough for somebody to sacrifice their career for her.

Jillian decides that she doesn’t need a cocktail party, and since Ed kept his rose even though he left, only one more guy has to go home. Jillian sends Mark the pizza guy home. She says he never once said that he liked her or that he wanted to say.

Teasers for next week’s episode show overnight dates and hints that one of the guys wasn’t able to, ahem… “perform” and shows Jillian crying about that. I know the producers like to trick us, so I’m anxious to see what really goes on.


hana said...

I was satisfied when Mark was sent home last night, I wanted her to pick Mike in the first place! I love your blog you went into alot of deatail and after reading it someone could feel like they actually watched it without even turning on the tv!
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thanks! :)

Paula said...

Yes, thank-you Kelley--very well done and the pictures of these guys is an added bonus!! i am enjoying the show because you take time to do this!
Big Mahalo!