Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 6-29-09

This is the week of the hometown visits on The Bachelorette. Jillian will be visiting the homes of 5 guys. First off, we have Reid in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reid showed Jillian around town, then they went to meet the family. Jillian really liked Reid’s mother. Reid admits to his father that Jillian is a girl he could fall in love with. Reid’s family said they are not used to seeing Reid being so affectionate. Jillian said she really fell hard for Reid on this visit.

Next, Jillian visited Michael’s hometown of Astoria, New York. She gets to meet Michael’s identical twin brother and his parents. Michael and his brother tried to pull the old twin switch-a-roo on Jillian, and she knew right away. Good job, Jill! Jillian admitted that Michael’s age really bothers her, but after talking to his twin, he put her fears aside. Poor Jillian, it sounds like she had a really bad cold for this visit.

Jillian visits Kiptyn in San Diego, California next. His parents live in a huge house with great views. Jillian feels a little intimidated and said this might be the first family she doesn’t fit in with. However, Kiptyn’s parents put her at ease once they show her their hot tub which they’ve cordoned off with police tap (in reference to her steamy hot tub scene with Jason from The Bachelor). Kiptyn’s mom was the first of the family’s to really grill Jillian. Jillian and Kiptyn sneak past the police tape and take a dip in the hot tub.

Next Jillian visits Jesse in Carmel Valley, California at his family’s winery.

Jesse’s brother grills Jillian and asks her if he and Jesse have been naked together. Jillian quickly answers, “No! No…that doesn’t come till later.” Jillian really got along well with Jesse’s family, and Jillian really likes the idea of running a winery.

The final hometown date is in Austin, Texas with Wes, scumbag of the century. Jillian feels like one of them is holding something back, but she doesn’t know who and she doesn’t know what and she hopes to find that out on this trip. We know from the previews that Jake, the pilot comes back to tell her that Wes has a girlfriend and is only on the show to further his musical career. It’s about time she finally got a clue the poor thing! Wes, of course, has his band play for Jillian. He shares with the producers that his ultimate goal is to help his new CD do well. Poor Jillian thinks he’s doing this all for her. Wes admits that he loves to be on the stage and no feeling can compare. Wes flat out tells Jillian that he is on the show for her, and that he’s not a good liar. He’s totally lying to her!!! Make me sick!

Enter, Jake the hot pilot. He says he’s not coming back to change Jillian’s mind about him, but to warn her about Wes. He’s says it’s not fair that Wes is playing with Jillian’s heart, and he’s going to stop him. Go Jake! When he meets with Jillian, he has a hard time spitting it out, but he finally tells Jake that Wes has a girlfriend named Laurel. Jake said that Wes spoke of Laurel, his girlfriend, three separate times. Jillian is very saddened and humiliated. Jake warns Jillian that when confronted, Wes will deny it and that he’s very quick on his feet.

When Jillian confronts Wes, she gives him an opportunity to share anything he might want to share. He doesn’t admit anything and when Jillian says Jake came and told her that Wes had a girlfriend. Wes said that that is crazy and tries to backpedal, but Jillian’s not buying it. Wes is so sick! He keeps reiterating how honest he’s being and says he’s not a good liar. Jillian has Jake come up to the room. He and Wes bicker; Wes will not admit that he told Jake he has a girlfriend, and Jake claims Wes told him just that. Jillian has Jake leave so she can sort out what she wants to do from here. Jake is in tears over the situation. He really cares for Jillian and does not want to see her hurt. Oh man, he would make a good candidate for The Bachelor!! He’s hot, nice, and stands up for what he believes in. Plus, he looks hot in his pilot’s uniform.

Jillian agrees to go ahead with the visit to the family. Wes’ family assures Jillian that Wes is truthful and a one-woman man. Oh man! Jillian still likes him!

When Jillian is back in L.A., she gets a visit from Ed, who voluntarily left the show. He says he wants a second chance. Jillian is really thrown for a loop. She says that Ed can come to the rose ceremony where she’ll decide.

Jillian gives Ed a rose!! I am so shocked! I am also disgusted because she chose Wes over Jesse. Jesse is going home and so is Michael. Jesse was my favorite of the guys left on the show. Jesse hugs Jillian but doesn’t say anything to her. He is very hurt. Michael is very hurt as well. I guess my next favorite is Kiptyn. Next week, Jillian takes the final four to Spain.


Paula said...

Did she say why she let Jesse go?
Great re-cap Kelley!

Nicoly said...

I "heart" Ed and am so glad she took him back but I am equally repulsed by Wes...he will now sell CD's this way, what does he take us for?