Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bachelorette

On this, the third episode of The Bachelorette, Ed, the technology consultant (pictured) gets a one-on-one date with Jillian. It’s all about adventure. Ed and Jillian take a helicopter ride Jillian admits she’s really attracted to him and says they already have a lot of chemistry. Once the helicopter lands on the building, Jillian breaks the news that they will be sliding down a set of ropes attached to a very tall building in downtown LA. Ed says he’s more spontaneous than dangerous and admits that this was scary for him. Ed’s really cute and Jillian shared a kiss with him in the pool. Jillian and Ed end the date with a fancy dinner on the top of the building. Jillian is worried than she and Ed are each too into their careers. Ed gets a rose.

The second date takes 11 of the guys on a western movie set and they film different scenes. The guys are excited to get to kiss Jillian, but two of the guys find out the’re playing gay cowboys. Brad the financial advisor and self-proclaimed “ultra bad ass,” kisses Jillian like she’s a sister. Wes, the country music singer again shows his jealousy. Robby, the bartender, (pictured) gives Jillian a genuine kiss during his scene with her, and she was very impressed.

Later on for the group date, they go to a swanky place on a rooftop in downtown LA. Reid, the realtor, didn’t get much alone with Jillian before Juan, the general contractor that none of the guys likes, interrupts him. Back at home, David the trucking contractor

(pictured) shows his angry/scary side when he tells about how much he doesn’t like Juan. And Sasha, the oil contractor finds out he gets the second one-on-one date with Jillian. Back at the party, Tanner P., the foot fetish guy kisses Jillian’s feet within 10 seconds of getting in the hot tub with her - weird. Robby gets the rose for the night. He’s pretty cute and genuine.

Jillian takes Sasha

(pictured) to a car museum. Then he gets to drive a Ferrari. Sasha shares that when he was 18, he was in a serious car accident. Jillian was floored. They talked about Sasha’s past girl friends. Jillian shares that she’s scared that he has never been heartbroken and she’s afraid she can’t meet his expectations, so she didn’t give him the rose! Sasha took it well. The guys back home rejoice at the fact that Sasha is going home. Later that night, Wes, the country music singer, takes his guitar up to Jillian’s house and seranades her with a song he wrote (which is why all the guys think he’s there for the wrong reason). He makes Jillian cry, and he sings the song again. I can’t decide if he’s there for the wrong reasons or not. I trust Jillian, and she seems to think he’s genuine. She says she’s willing to take that chance with him.

During the rose ceremony, David, the angry trucking contractor gets some time alone with Jillian, and Juan interrupts them. David tells the camera that if it weren’t for Jillian, he would kill Juan and beat the bleeping bleep out of him. David admi

ts he’s used to being the top dog and he’s used to getting attention. He’s really changed since she gave him the first impression rose on the first night. He has all that anger inside him. The other guys accuse Juan of being fake and lying, but Jillian really feels like he’s genuine. Reid, the realtor, kisses Jillian for the first time tonight. Tanner P. is OBSESSED with Jillian’s feet. He’s a sweet guy, but the feet thing just makes him a little quirky.

In a fit of anger, David starts snipping at everybody, not just Juan. Reid comments that David looks like he’s going to kill somebody. Brad

David has a little fight with another guy. David said that he might

not be the right guy for Jillian, but he KNOWS Juan isn’t the right guy for Jillian, and this really bugs him. He’s worried that Jillian won’t see who Juan really is. David and Juan have a confrontation, and we see that David is a very rude person. David has some serious issues in general to let Juan bug him this much, while Juan is really handling the accusations and drama well.

In addition to Sasha, the other two guys to go home are Brad and Tanner F.


Paula said...

A guy named Sasha? That's weird to me. I would get rid of anyone who said they wanted to kill someone -- but Jillian doesn't know that he said that, right?
Kelley, you're doing a great job describing everything.
Thanks so much!

Nicoly said...

If Wes IS on there to promote his musical career, it's backfiring. I can't stand him or his stupid song.

Paula, Sacha's parents are from Lithuania or somewhere like that where Sacha is a common boys name.

I like Jake, Ed, Reid and a few other guys who are slipping through my mind right now. I DO NOT like David OR Juan, and I knew Brad would go home after that weird sissy kissy.

Beth said...

Sasha is a common boy's name in Russia. It's akin to Alexander in English.