Monday, June 8, 2009

The Bachelorette

Jillian takes the final 13 guys to her hometown of Vancouver, BC. Kiptyn, a business developer, (pictured) gets the first one-on-one date. Jill says she can imagine spending her life with him. He and Jill kayak to a public market where they purchase groceries for cooking dinner later that night at her house. Jillian likes kissing Kiptyn, and they share little kisses throughout the day. Jill gives Kiptyn a rose and says that he makes her feel like the only woman in the world.

For the group date starts out at the Olympic Curling area (Vancouver Olympics 2010). The guys are split into two groups, and the winning group gets to spend the rest of the day with Jillian. Michael, the break dancer, admits that Jesse, the winemaker is a really cool guy all around. Jesse the wine maker is so cute! He (pictured), along with Kiptyn and Jake are my favorites. Jesse reminds me of Justin Chambers from Grey’s Anatomy and the Wedding Planner. The winning group went on a boat ride and Jill got to spend one on one time with several of the guys. David, the angry trucking contractor, went in for a kiss and Jillian didn’t kiss him. David was disrespectful towards Jillian; he told her her “ass is f-ing hot”; he pointed out the fact that her bra was showing. He’s a total loser, and I think Jillian saw that. Jesse got the rose during the group date – yay!

Mark, the pizza guy and Mike the baseball camp owner (pictured) are chosen to go on the two on one date. Mike has McDreamy hair. Mike is really open with Jillian and shows her who he is. Mark is very quiet. In a shocking conclusion to the date, Jillian sends Mike home.

During the rose ceremony cocktail party, Jillian is informed by Tanner that some of the guys have girlfriends back home. Tanner tells the producers that Wes, the country music singer still likes one of his girlfriends back home. Jillian stops the cocktail party and confronts the guys with this news and wants to know the truth. Jake steps forward and declares that he’s there to find love and would be pissed if someone else is there who already has a girlfriend because he is taking time away from him and Jillian. All the guys think Wes has a girlfriend back home, but he says he doesn’t. The guys want the person to confess to having a girlfriend back home, but obviously, no one admits to it. David says the easy way to solve it is to tell them who told her this news and ask him. In a rare display, Chris the host, gets into it and defends Jillian saying that what guys tell Jillian in confidence isn’t meant to be shared. So with no more information from the guys, Jillian starts the rose ceremony. Jillian sends Juan, the general contractor and angry David (pictured) home. When David asked Jillian why she was sending him home, she said, “I don’t know.” Not her best moment.


wholarmor said...

Thanks for the recap! I wasn't able to watch much of the episode tonight, but I was glad that she sent Dave home. He should have gone home earlier. What a jerk!

It will be interesting to see what happens next week. I'm guessing she finds out who still has a girlfriend?

Kelley Taylor said...

You're welcome! I don't know if she finds out who has a girlfriend or not. I couldn't tell from the previews. Although it looks like there are lots more tears shed by her in the next episode.

Anonymous said...

She needs to send CREEPY Wes HOME. I guess she's keeping him to have further drama in the house. Good review Kelley....( Love the pics of your kids....adorable!) :-)Sharon

Kelley Taylor said...

Thanks Sharon!

Paula said...

Thank-you Kelley--interesting and well written re-cap.