Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Did Jillian Choose? The Bachelorette Recap 7-29-09

Does anyone think that Ed slightly resembles Jason Mesnick from The Bachelor? I’ve never thought that before, but a couple of the shots at the beginning of the episode made him look like Jason.

Jillian is on the Big Island of Hawaii and Ed and Kiptyn get to meet her family. Ed reassures Jillian that it was just stress that caused him to not perform at the fantasy suite on their previous date.

When Ed meets Jillian’s family, he explains how he was married to his job and ending up leaving the show. Jillian’s mom asks Ed 66 questions and Ed answers the questions well. What I like about Ed is that he is so open and honest about his feelings for Jillian. With Reid, he just couldn’t share his feelings, and Kiptyn is not quite ready for marriage. Jillian’s mom noticed that Jillian was really relaxed and had a glow about her while talking about Ed.

Next Kiptyn gets to meet Jillian’s family, but first, Jillian got her smooch time in with him. She REALLY likes to make out with him! How hard for Ed to see! (Spoiler, sorry!). It still seems so weird to me as to how she can be in love with and kissing two different guys. How can she choose one guy and then not be thinking about the other one? Especially when she LOVES kissing Kiptyn. Yeah, I just don’t get it. How can she feel strong enough to marry one guy and then the next day make out with someone else?

Anyways, back to the show. Jillian’s dad asks Kiptyn if he’s in love with her, and Kiptyn says he’s getting there a lot faster than he thought he would. Jillian’s family notes that Kiptyn and Jillian have a similar energy. Kiptyn shares with the producers that during this date he realized he is in love with Jillian.

Jillian’s dad points out that Ed told him that he loves Jillian, but he had to ask Kiptyn if he loves Jillian.

Jillian has one last date with Ed where they take a helicopter ride to a secluded waterfall. The chemistry is hot between them, and Ed showers Jillian with affection – that’s pretty hard to resist. Ed invites Jillian back to his hotel for the night where he shares that he would like to be with her forever. Looks like they had the kind of night they both wanted.

Next, Jillian has her last date with Kiptyn. He is finally ready to tell Jillian that he loves her and wants to propose. She looks a little reserved when he finally tells her this. I wonder if she knew at this point who she would choose.

Thank you, Producers, for putting in lots of shots of Kiptyn’s washboard abs!

Proposal Day! Kiptyn arrives first, declares his feelings for Jillian, but she tells him she is in love with someone else. Poor Kiptyn! He finally comes to terms with how he feels, and he gets the boot. He really is a nice guy. He admits that this is the first time he’s had his heart broken.

But, we can’t just leave it at that. Reid shows up before Ed shows up. I must say that he looks really sloppy – shirt tucked out, sneakers; sports coat; totally underdressed compared to Kiptyn and Ed, and he plans to propose! What a dork. He says he came back to tell Jillian that he’s an idiot and that he loves her. Nice. Too little, too late, Reid! Oh man, I feel really embarrassed for him. AHHHH! He gets down on one knee to propose! She’s obviously not feeling it and he’s just not getting it. It’s all about him and how he feels. Jillian has him stand back up and tells him she needs time. Chris Harrison, the host, talks with Jillian and encourages her to go with her heart, which is with Ed.

Ed’s speech to Jillian as he proposes is really sweet. But before he proposes, he says he needs to know if she is in love with him too, and of course she says yes she does! Ed proposes and Jillian says yes. They really are cute together and really do seem to be in love. I really hope it works out for them! And to think that he left the show! I bet they are both glad he came back!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soy Citrus Sea Scallops

This recipe for Soy Citrus Sea Scallops with Soba Noodles is from Cooking Light. Although, I made mine with Pad Thai rice noodles since I'm allergic to wheat. My husband who typically doesn't prefer the Asain flavors like this meal (I made his with spaghetti noodles).
I'm having a hard time getting the kind of picture I want of my meals because I'm always in a hurry to eat it. It's not cool to make the family wait for dinner while I snap pictures.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 7-20-09

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette is The Men Tell All. Jillian admits that she knows now that Wes was on the show for the sole purpose of selling his CD.

We get to see extra footage, including Ed drunk at the rose ceremony in Vancouver. Jillian, always one to make the best of things, thinks Ed was cute while drunk. We got to see trying to hula dance with Jillian in Hawaii, but then again, since he couldn’t dance, she said it won him over (but obviously not for too long since she let him go the next night).

Jason and Molly from last season’s The Bachelor visit with Chris. Jason says he’s really in love with Molly. Molly, with brown hair now, is still living in Wisconsin, but she gets to see Jason about every other weekend. Jason and Molly say they will for sure get married, but the immediate next step is for Molly to move to Seattle. Jason says that since the show he has started a website called that helps single parents. Chris shared that Melissa is engaged (her fiancee’s name is Tye - I follow her on Twitter). I think it’s unfortunate how things went down with Melissa, but it’s easier to be happy for Jason and Melissa seeing that they are happy together and that Melissa is happy and successful as well.

Next, Chris talks with the memorable guys, minus Wes (of course) and Reid who had a prior engagement. The guys tattle on each other. We learn that all the other guys thought Jake was too straight-laced and that Robby always has to have a drink. The guys really give Jake a hard time. He took it well, even telling Sasha to “Fuck you,” to prove his not-perfectness. Oh…I think it’s just Jillian and the guys who don’t like Jake. I like him!

David explains that Juan’s tendency to act different in front of the cameras and Jillian than he did with the other guys is the basis for his hatred of Juan. The guys continue in a lot of girly-like banter.

One of the audience members asks Jake if he would be willing to be the next Bachelor and Jake says that he’s not quite ready to make that decision, but it would be an honor. Jake also admits that he will always have feelings for Jillian. About half the guys disagree with the fact that Jake told Jillian about Wes’ girlfriend. It’s obvious that the audience disagrees and supports Jake’s decision.

We see a recap of Kiptyn and Ed, the last two men. Can't wait for the finale next week!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Got to Meet Author Linda Nichols

Local author, Linda Nichols, spoke at my church today. She is the author of The Handyman (movie rights purchased by Steven Spielberg) and several Christian fiction books. I have read The Handyman, which was a really cute romance, and am now reading In Search of Eden, one of her Christian fiction books. I got to hear Linda's personal story, which is quite interesting. I look forward to reading more of her books.

Several of my favorite authors live within a couple hours of me (Debbie Macomber, Susan Wiggs, and Karen Kingsbury). I think I might make it a goal to meet all of them. Debbie Macomber is having Cedar Cove Days in Port Orchard, Washington (the town she based her Cedar Cove series on). I'm trying to decide whether it's worth dragging my kids there or not. My little girl is nursing and won't take a bottle yet, so I feel like I'm chained to her. We'll see!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 7-13-09

Three guys left and Jillian takes them to Maui, Hawaii (cue shots of Jillian in a skimpy bikini…ugg). Jillian will have a second chance at using the fantasy suite with each of the guys – think she’ll go for it?

The first date is with Kiptyn. Jillian takes him on a ropes course to see how Kiptyn does in a tough/team work situation. Kiptyn performed well with the right amount of humor and chivalry.

Jillian admits she is crazy about Kiptyn, but there’s a part of her that is still unsure about him. Jillian opens up to Kiptyn and admits that she trusts him more than any of the other guys, but she’s scared that if she falls in love with him, that later he might break her heart. Despite this, Jillian decides that she needs the time with him in the fantasy suite.

Jillian’s second date is with Reid. Her one concern with Reid is that he doesn’t communicate how he feels. She and Reid take a helicopter ride above Maui where the pilot shares that he is an ordained minister and that he could marry them right there. Reid was freaked out. They share a lunch on the beach afterwards and Jillian warns him that she wants to talk about the hard things at dinner later that night. Reid just fumbles and can’t get any words out. When Jillian brings out the fantasy suite card, Reid admits he’s scared because he was denied in Spain. He can’t even say to Jillian that he wants to spend the night with her! It’s Jillian who suggests that they take the offer of the fantasy suite. I feel like Jillian is a parent trying to get her child (Reid) to do something new (communicate). Reid is making me nuts!

Jillian’s third date is with Ed. They take a catamaran ride and swim in the ocean. Jillian admits that she just wants to wrap her legs around Ed and kiss him. Ed shares with Jillian that he’s flown his parents to Maui so they can meet Jillian. Ed’s dad is brought to tears when he talks with Jillian and tells her that he can see Ed has feelings for her.

While walking on the beach, Jillian brings out the fantasy suite card and they decide to spend the night together. Ed is the only one who has told Jillian that he is falling in love with her. Even though Ed and Jillian are really attracted to each other, they didn't get it on. Jillian shares that she doesn’t know if it was exhaustion from being in the sun all day, but even though she feels like a friendship love was there, she didn’t feel a romantic love with him. Ed shares that he was really nervous and is disappointed that he couldn’t show Jillian how he feels about her. I think they just weren’t feeling it, but the producers do show Ed practically asleep when Jillian was massaging him…oh Jillian. You have Kiptyn who is the perfect package, but isn’t ready to commit. You have Reid who you share an attraction with, but he won’t use his words to tell you so. And you have Ed who can tell you he loves you, but can’t physically show it. I still think that none of the guys left are right for Jillian.

Before the rose ceremony, as Jillian watches the guys’ video messages to her, Kiptyn and Reid say they would like to continue things with her, but Ed is the only one who declares that he loves her.

Jillian starts out the rose ceremony by declaring that she is falling in love with all of them. Needless to say, the guys don’t look too pleased to hear that. Jillian chooses to send Reid home, which I think is a good, but hard decision. How can Jillian be with someone who won’t say how he feels about her? If the only thing that worries Jillian about Ed is their lack of physical romance in the fantasy suite, I think she is wise to give him another shot.

Reid admits in the car on the way home that the reason he was sent home is his fault. He admits to the producers that he was falling in love with her, and says that Jillian doesn’t even know that. Too little, too late, Reid!

Next week’s After the Rose Ceremony will show news of Molly and Jason; looks like they’re still together. Then in two weeks, we’ll get to see who proposes to Jillian!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 7-6-09

Jillian takes the final four bachelors to Madrid, Spain. Jillian shares that she thought by this point there would be a front-runner by now, but there isn’t. I honestly can see any of the guys left being her soul mate. We’ll see!

Jillian’s first date is with Kiptyn. Now Jillian is worried that Kiptyn is too perfect. Ugg. First Jake, now Kiptyn. Kiptyn told Jillian that he thinks a proposal is far off. This worries Jillian, of course. After walking around Madrid, Jillian and Kiptyn learn to dance Flamenco. Jillian really liked how Kiptyn looked in his tight pants (who didn’t?).

Anyone notice that Jillian wears a lot of yellow? It must be her favorite color.

Jillian and Kiptyn ride a moped to their dinner date where Jillian grills Kiptyn with some hard questions. She likes his answers. Now, I haven’t been watching The Bachelor/Bachlelorette shows since the inception, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone reject the Fantasy Suite card. And Jillian is the one who rejected it! She said she wasn’t ready to spend the night with him yet. They do go to the Fantasy Suite to cuddle. Jillian wants to know that Kiptyn is crazy about her and can’t live without her before she spends the night with him. I’m proud of Jillian’s decision and I’m pleased with Kiptyn’s gracious response as well.

Reid is Jillian’s second date and they have fun purchasing food for a picnic in Sevilla, Spain. Jillian really pushes Reid; she wants specifics as to exactly how he feels about her. Again, Jillian rejects the Fantasy Suite and Reid thinks it’s a smart move on her part, but of course, he’s bummed. I think Reid and Jillian are really cute together.

The next date is in Sevilla, Spain with Ed who has a lot to make up for. Ed shares that he couldn’t get Jillian off his mind when he went back home, so he made the decision to come back. Jillian shares that she knows that she needs to make sure Ed is the right one for her, but she admits that she just want to make out with him. When the Fantasy Suite card comes, Jillian shares that she is super-protective of herself since Ed has broken her heart before. Ed doesn’t take this news as well as the previous two guys. Jillian shares that she doesn’t feel emotionally ready to spend the night with any of the guys yet. Three cheers for Jillian!

Jillian’s fourth date is in Barcelona, Spain with Wes. Wes and Jillian ride bikes around the parks in Barcelona. Jillian shares that she is worried about Wes’ lack of affection. Jillian notices that while Wes says he likes her, he was physically far away from her. Wes evades Jillian’s questions and Jillian says she’ll try asking him the tough questions again at dinner. Jillian confronts the girlfriend issue and Wes’ motives for being on the show. Wes still claims he doesn’t have a girlfriend and that yes, his manager told him to go on the show. Wes thinks that any publicity will be good publicity – he got that wrong! Jillian continues to confront him, and Wes admits that “numero uno is most important.” I think that statement really does describe Wes really well. He looks out for himself. Jillian is shocked that Wes has just said that. Jillian confronts him again about the girlfriend issue, and Wes accidentally refers to Laurel as his “girlfriend, … I mean ex-girlfriend.” He realizes his blunder and stops right there. I think by this point Jillian has finally seen the light! The producers choose this point to deliver the Fantasy Suite card. Wes is all for the Fanatasy Suite (unbelievable!). It has become clear to Jillian that Wes has something to hide, and she accepts the fact that Wes has a girlfriend back home. Jillian feels embarrassed, but also sorry for Wes.

Jillian looked really good in that black dress at the rose ceremony!

Wes is SO disgusting. Right before Jillian walks into the rose ceremony, Wes says, “If it’s me, just know I’ll be back home having lots of sex.” Seriously? No one is going to buy your album Wes; you are so disgusting!! The other three guys are disgusted as well. Of course, Jillian chooses to send Wes home – finally!

In the limo on the way home, Wes shares that his acting days are over. He has a drink, congratulating himself on being the first guy to make it to the top four with a girlfriend. What kind of girl is at home waiting for him? Eww. Wes makes it clear that he’s going out on the town tonight. He’s so gross and disgusting, I can’t even waste more words on him. The end.

I think my new favorite is Reid. I can’t wait to see how it ends!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Treats

I made Bakerella's Cupcake Pops and Cupcake Bites (the same thing, but without the lollypop stick). These were fun and really tasty. I recommend not trying to make them into the cupcake shape, but just leaving them in a round shape.

Here's my display of the Cupcake Pops.

I made TWO New York Cheesecakes from the Cooking Light magazine. The fat and calories are greatly reduced, but it did not pass my hubby's taste test.

This is the strawberry sauce I made from the strawberries we picked at the strawberry patch last week. It's really sweet and therefore, really good.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pad Thai or Some Asain Noodle Thing

When my mom came to help with my new little baby this last March, she made us homemade Pad Thai. Tonight for dinner, Hubby said he wasn't hungry (do to eating out at lunch), so I made something only I would eat. I was really craving Pad Thai, and not knowing what my mom put in it, but just having some of the bottles of stuff left in my cabinet, I went to work. I used rice noodles, chicken, zucchini (just because I'm on a zucchini kick), green onions, oyster sauce and rice vinegar. I don't think this is technically Pad Thai, but whatever. It was good!

Photography note - check out the reflection of the tree in the white of the bowl. I had to stand by the window to get enough natural light at the photo.