Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 7-13-09

Three guys left and Jillian takes them to Maui, Hawaii (cue shots of Jillian in a skimpy bikini…ugg). Jillian will have a second chance at using the fantasy suite with each of the guys – think she’ll go for it?

The first date is with Kiptyn. Jillian takes him on a ropes course to see how Kiptyn does in a tough/team work situation. Kiptyn performed well with the right amount of humor and chivalry.

Jillian admits she is crazy about Kiptyn, but there’s a part of her that is still unsure about him. Jillian opens up to Kiptyn and admits that she trusts him more than any of the other guys, but she’s scared that if she falls in love with him, that later he might break her heart. Despite this, Jillian decides that she needs the time with him in the fantasy suite.

Jillian’s second date is with Reid. Her one concern with Reid is that he doesn’t communicate how he feels. She and Reid take a helicopter ride above Maui where the pilot shares that he is an ordained minister and that he could marry them right there. Reid was freaked out. They share a lunch on the beach afterwards and Jillian warns him that she wants to talk about the hard things at dinner later that night. Reid just fumbles and can’t get any words out. When Jillian brings out the fantasy suite card, Reid admits he’s scared because he was denied in Spain. He can’t even say to Jillian that he wants to spend the night with her! It’s Jillian who suggests that they take the offer of the fantasy suite. I feel like Jillian is a parent trying to get her child (Reid) to do something new (communicate). Reid is making me nuts!

Jillian’s third date is with Ed. They take a catamaran ride and swim in the ocean. Jillian admits that she just wants to wrap her legs around Ed and kiss him. Ed shares with Jillian that he’s flown his parents to Maui so they can meet Jillian. Ed’s dad is brought to tears when he talks with Jillian and tells her that he can see Ed has feelings for her.

While walking on the beach, Jillian brings out the fantasy suite card and they decide to spend the night together. Ed is the only one who has told Jillian that he is falling in love with her. Even though Ed and Jillian are really attracted to each other, they didn't get it on. Jillian shares that she doesn’t know if it was exhaustion from being in the sun all day, but even though she feels like a friendship love was there, she didn’t feel a romantic love with him. Ed shares that he was really nervous and is disappointed that he couldn’t show Jillian how he feels about her. I think they just weren’t feeling it, but the producers do show Ed practically asleep when Jillian was massaging him…oh Jillian. You have Kiptyn who is the perfect package, but isn’t ready to commit. You have Reid who you share an attraction with, but he won’t use his words to tell you so. And you have Ed who can tell you he loves you, but can’t physically show it. I still think that none of the guys left are right for Jillian.

Before the rose ceremony, as Jillian watches the guys’ video messages to her, Kiptyn and Reid say they would like to continue things with her, but Ed is the only one who declares that he loves her.

Jillian starts out the rose ceremony by declaring that she is falling in love with all of them. Needless to say, the guys don’t look too pleased to hear that. Jillian chooses to send Reid home, which I think is a good, but hard decision. How can Jillian be with someone who won’t say how he feels about her? If the only thing that worries Jillian about Ed is their lack of physical romance in the fantasy suite, I think she is wise to give him another shot.

Reid admits in the car on the way home that the reason he was sent home is his fault. He admits to the producers that he was falling in love with her, and says that Jillian doesn’t even know that. Too little, too late, Reid!

Next week’s After the Rose Ceremony will show news of Molly and Jason; looks like they’re still together. Then in two weeks, we’ll get to see who proposes to Jillian!


Nicoly said...

Nice recap Kelley but you had a freudian slip at the end...for it is Jason and MOLLY whom are still together! BTW, have you seen Melissa doing special interest stories on GMA? Getting dumped by Jason was the best thing that ever happened to her!

Kelley Taylor said...

Horrifying! Thanks for the correction, Nicole.

No, I haven't seen GMA. I'll have to watch for it. I really like her.