Monday, July 20, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 7-20-09

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette is The Men Tell All. Jillian admits that she knows now that Wes was on the show for the sole purpose of selling his CD.

We get to see extra footage, including Ed drunk at the rose ceremony in Vancouver. Jillian, always one to make the best of things, thinks Ed was cute while drunk. We got to see trying to hula dance with Jillian in Hawaii, but then again, since he couldn’t dance, she said it won him over (but obviously not for too long since she let him go the next night).

Jason and Molly from last season’s The Bachelor visit with Chris. Jason says he’s really in love with Molly. Molly, with brown hair now, is still living in Wisconsin, but she gets to see Jason about every other weekend. Jason and Molly say they will for sure get married, but the immediate next step is for Molly to move to Seattle. Jason says that since the show he has started a website called that helps single parents. Chris shared that Melissa is engaged (her fiancee’s name is Tye - I follow her on Twitter). I think it’s unfortunate how things went down with Melissa, but it’s easier to be happy for Jason and Melissa seeing that they are happy together and that Melissa is happy and successful as well.

Next, Chris talks with the memorable guys, minus Wes (of course) and Reid who had a prior engagement. The guys tattle on each other. We learn that all the other guys thought Jake was too straight-laced and that Robby always has to have a drink. The guys really give Jake a hard time. He took it well, even telling Sasha to “Fuck you,” to prove his not-perfectness. Oh…I think it’s just Jillian and the guys who don’t like Jake. I like him!

David explains that Juan’s tendency to act different in front of the cameras and Jillian than he did with the other guys is the basis for his hatred of Juan. The guys continue in a lot of girly-like banter.

One of the audience members asks Jake if he would be willing to be the next Bachelor and Jake says that he’s not quite ready to make that decision, but it would be an honor. Jake also admits that he will always have feelings for Jillian. About half the guys disagree with the fact that Jake told Jillian about Wes’ girlfriend. It’s obvious that the audience disagrees and supports Jake’s decision.

We see a recap of Kiptyn and Ed, the last two men. Can't wait for the finale next week!


Nicoly said...

So I totally think Reid comes back and proposes based on the previews for next week...what do YOU think?

Kelley Taylor said...

Yes, the preview did make it seem that way. I still don't feel like any one guy is THE ONE.