Monday, July 6, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap 7-6-09

Jillian takes the final four bachelors to Madrid, Spain. Jillian shares that she thought by this point there would be a front-runner by now, but there isn’t. I honestly can see any of the guys left being her soul mate. We’ll see!

Jillian’s first date is with Kiptyn. Now Jillian is worried that Kiptyn is too perfect. Ugg. First Jake, now Kiptyn. Kiptyn told Jillian that he thinks a proposal is far off. This worries Jillian, of course. After walking around Madrid, Jillian and Kiptyn learn to dance Flamenco. Jillian really liked how Kiptyn looked in his tight pants (who didn’t?).

Anyone notice that Jillian wears a lot of yellow? It must be her favorite color.

Jillian and Kiptyn ride a moped to their dinner date where Jillian grills Kiptyn with some hard questions. She likes his answers. Now, I haven’t been watching The Bachelor/Bachlelorette shows since the inception, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone reject the Fantasy Suite card. And Jillian is the one who rejected it! She said she wasn’t ready to spend the night with him yet. They do go to the Fantasy Suite to cuddle. Jillian wants to know that Kiptyn is crazy about her and can’t live without her before she spends the night with him. I’m proud of Jillian’s decision and I’m pleased with Kiptyn’s gracious response as well.

Reid is Jillian’s second date and they have fun purchasing food for a picnic in Sevilla, Spain. Jillian really pushes Reid; she wants specifics as to exactly how he feels about her. Again, Jillian rejects the Fantasy Suite and Reid thinks it’s a smart move on her part, but of course, he’s bummed. I think Reid and Jillian are really cute together.

The next date is in Sevilla, Spain with Ed who has a lot to make up for. Ed shares that he couldn’t get Jillian off his mind when he went back home, so he made the decision to come back. Jillian shares that she knows that she needs to make sure Ed is the right one for her, but she admits that she just want to make out with him. When the Fantasy Suite card comes, Jillian shares that she is super-protective of herself since Ed has broken her heart before. Ed doesn’t take this news as well as the previous two guys. Jillian shares that she doesn’t feel emotionally ready to spend the night with any of the guys yet. Three cheers for Jillian!

Jillian’s fourth date is in Barcelona, Spain with Wes. Wes and Jillian ride bikes around the parks in Barcelona. Jillian shares that she is worried about Wes’ lack of affection. Jillian notices that while Wes says he likes her, he was physically far away from her. Wes evades Jillian’s questions and Jillian says she’ll try asking him the tough questions again at dinner. Jillian confronts the girlfriend issue and Wes’ motives for being on the show. Wes still claims he doesn’t have a girlfriend and that yes, his manager told him to go on the show. Wes thinks that any publicity will be good publicity – he got that wrong! Jillian continues to confront him, and Wes admits that “numero uno is most important.” I think that statement really does describe Wes really well. He looks out for himself. Jillian is shocked that Wes has just said that. Jillian confronts him again about the girlfriend issue, and Wes accidentally refers to Laurel as his “girlfriend, … I mean ex-girlfriend.” He realizes his blunder and stops right there. I think by this point Jillian has finally seen the light! The producers choose this point to deliver the Fantasy Suite card. Wes is all for the Fanatasy Suite (unbelievable!). It has become clear to Jillian that Wes has something to hide, and she accepts the fact that Wes has a girlfriend back home. Jillian feels embarrassed, but also sorry for Wes.

Jillian looked really good in that black dress at the rose ceremony!

Wes is SO disgusting. Right before Jillian walks into the rose ceremony, Wes says, “If it’s me, just know I’ll be back home having lots of sex.” Seriously? No one is going to buy your album Wes; you are so disgusting!! The other three guys are disgusted as well. Of course, Jillian chooses to send Wes home – finally!

In the limo on the way home, Wes shares that his acting days are over. He has a drink, congratulating himself on being the first guy to make it to the top four with a girlfriend. What kind of girl is at home waiting for him? Eww. Wes makes it clear that he’s going out on the town tonight. He’s so gross and disgusting, I can’t even waste more words on him. The end.

I think my new favorite is Reid. I can’t wait to see how it ends!

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Paula said...

Sounds like it could be another 'no decision' show! There's only 2 episodes left, right?
Thanks Kelley!