Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Did Jillian Choose? The Bachelorette Recap 7-29-09

Does anyone think that Ed slightly resembles Jason Mesnick from The Bachelor? I’ve never thought that before, but a couple of the shots at the beginning of the episode made him look like Jason.

Jillian is on the Big Island of Hawaii and Ed and Kiptyn get to meet her family. Ed reassures Jillian that it was just stress that caused him to not perform at the fantasy suite on their previous date.

When Ed meets Jillian’s family, he explains how he was married to his job and ending up leaving the show. Jillian’s mom asks Ed 66 questions and Ed answers the questions well. What I like about Ed is that he is so open and honest about his feelings for Jillian. With Reid, he just couldn’t share his feelings, and Kiptyn is not quite ready for marriage. Jillian’s mom noticed that Jillian was really relaxed and had a glow about her while talking about Ed.

Next Kiptyn gets to meet Jillian’s family, but first, Jillian got her smooch time in with him. She REALLY likes to make out with him! How hard for Ed to see! (Spoiler, sorry!). It still seems so weird to me as to how she can be in love with and kissing two different guys. How can she choose one guy and then not be thinking about the other one? Especially when she LOVES kissing Kiptyn. Yeah, I just don’t get it. How can she feel strong enough to marry one guy and then the next day make out with someone else?

Anyways, back to the show. Jillian’s dad asks Kiptyn if he’s in love with her, and Kiptyn says he’s getting there a lot faster than he thought he would. Jillian’s family notes that Kiptyn and Jillian have a similar energy. Kiptyn shares with the producers that during this date he realized he is in love with Jillian.

Jillian’s dad points out that Ed told him that he loves Jillian, but he had to ask Kiptyn if he loves Jillian.

Jillian has one last date with Ed where they take a helicopter ride to a secluded waterfall. The chemistry is hot between them, and Ed showers Jillian with affection – that’s pretty hard to resist. Ed invites Jillian back to his hotel for the night where he shares that he would like to be with her forever. Looks like they had the kind of night they both wanted.

Next, Jillian has her last date with Kiptyn. He is finally ready to tell Jillian that he loves her and wants to propose. She looks a little reserved when he finally tells her this. I wonder if she knew at this point who she would choose.

Thank you, Producers, for putting in lots of shots of Kiptyn’s washboard abs!

Proposal Day! Kiptyn arrives first, declares his feelings for Jillian, but she tells him she is in love with someone else. Poor Kiptyn! He finally comes to terms with how he feels, and he gets the boot. He really is a nice guy. He admits that this is the first time he’s had his heart broken.

But, we can’t just leave it at that. Reid shows up before Ed shows up. I must say that he looks really sloppy – shirt tucked out, sneakers; sports coat; totally underdressed compared to Kiptyn and Ed, and he plans to propose! What a dork. He says he came back to tell Jillian that he’s an idiot and that he loves her. Nice. Too little, too late, Reid! Oh man, I feel really embarrassed for him. AHHHH! He gets down on one knee to propose! She’s obviously not feeling it and he’s just not getting it. It’s all about him and how he feels. Jillian has him stand back up and tells him she needs time. Chris Harrison, the host, talks with Jillian and encourages her to go with her heart, which is with Ed.

Ed’s speech to Jillian as he proposes is really sweet. But before he proposes, he says he needs to know if she is in love with him too, and of course she says yes she does! Ed proposes and Jillian says yes. They really are cute together and really do seem to be in love. I really hope it works out for them! And to think that he left the show! I bet they are both glad he came back!

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Paula said...

Wow--she really chose one! But, all that smooching with someone else....Hollywood!
Thanks so much for the week by weeks details Kelley--it really helped me be a part of it!
Love MOM