Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Biggest Loser 10-13-09

I was a little surprised to see Grandma Liz turn so vengeful, but I certainly understand her feelings for Tracey. I was shocked that she vowed through the whole show that she was going to vote Tracey off, and instead, she voted Coach Mo off. That's a hard one, Coach was injured and asked to go home, and Tracey is pulling big numbers - which just goes to show that you don't need to have fancy trainers and work out six hours a day to loose weight. Tracey is loosing weight by simply changing her eating habits! That is pretty weird how she keeps winning the temptations!

Dancing With the Stars Results Show 10-13-09

Okay, yesterday, I said Louie the snowboarder was one of my favorites before I actually saw him dance his Country Two-Step. I'm sorry, Louie, but it didn't even look like you were trying! He was just walking around the stage. Too bad - but he has another week! I wanted the football player to do better, but I guess it just wasn't in him, so that's the last we'll see of him.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - My Favorites

Holy Smokes! Derrik's and the Swimsuit Model's Lambada was...raunchy! Holy Moly. Anyways, my favorites are Natalie, the swimmer, Mark, the Iron Chef, and Louie the snowboarder.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Much TV, So Little Time

Wow! I went a whole month without posting. I felt the need to post something now because I have an announcement: I think I'm over my romance novel phase. *collective gasp* Can it be a phase if it lasted for two and a half years? I knew it was over when I couldn't bring myself to finish the last two Debbie Macomber novels I was trying to read - the second and third books in her Midnight Sons trilogy from the 90s - too saccharine with no conflict = boring. (Sorry Debbie, but you're still one of my favorite authors.)

So now that I'm not devoting my time to reading romance novels, what have I been doing? Well, September brought a lot of good TV to watch. Let's start with Monday night. I didn't think I would like Dancing With the Stars this season since I didn't recognize a single person, but I'm finding it rather entertaining. Also, my husband's witty comments while he pretends not to watch crack me up. My favorites are Louie the snowboarder and the Iron Chef (although I really want him to perform better, and he's just not bringing it).

Then there's Tuesday, and my DVR cannot keep up! We watch Biggest Loser, after we play 40 minutes of MarioKart, so we can skip the commercials. Then I have Hell's Kitchen recording, and the next day, I watch the Dancing with the Stars Results Show online.

Wednesday night we watch So You Think You Can Dance, and that show will soon be airing twice a week (actually, it already did this week). I REALLY liked that Krumper with the dreads and the dance he did with the Russian immigrant during Vegas week.

Thursday nights, I've started watching Survivor, because my husband is gone to Bible study, and I can't watch one of our shows that we watch together until he gets home. I'm not the biggest fan of Survivor, but it's nice to have on while I fold socks. All that whispering and game plotting gets annoying. Then, the biggest surprise of all - I've started watching Glee, and it is HILARIOUS! I love it! Also on Thursday nights we DVR Flashforward, which I've decided I can only watch during the day or else it creeps me out.

Friday October 16 brings the season premier of Ugly Betty, another one of my favorites. Can't wait!

I'm so glad to have DVR, I'm saving 20 minutes of my life per hour of show! What are you guys watching?