Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My Mommy got me these fun boots for Christmas. Since she is in Thailand, she had them shipped directly to my house and I opened them early, since they are too wonderful to leave in the box until Christmas.
Now that I have really cool boots and they are in a color other than black *gasp* I'm not sure the rest of my clothing repertoire is cool enough.
My boots with my new skinny jeans, which aren't too skinny around my knees. This looks messy to me.

With my boot cut jeans, which are a titch too long for me. But I'm too tall for the short jeans. What's a 5 foot 4 and half inch girl to do?

These are my Macy's-half-price-the-day-before-Thanksgiving boots. That was a great deal! I also wear these with the "skinny" jeans.


Erin J said...

Too cute!

You put me to shame in the fashion department. I have been wearing my Nike tennis shoes everywhere. And my old "Big God" sweatshirts interspersed with an "Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool" sweatshirt. Yeah, really hip and with-it. :D

Kelley Taylor said...

Ahh! The Big God sweatshirts! Ours went to Goodwill a long time ago.

I actually spend most of my day in workout clothes. So, I only get to wear fun stuff to church and to Bible study, maybe the grocery store.

Jeannette said...

Love the boots!! Makes me want to shop. The last pair of boots I bought got snagged by Katherine and I never got them back.

Paula said...

Looks good Kelley girl!