Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 84 - Bones

My son hurt his foot last night and still today can't put any weight on it (he's been going around in a stroller) so I took him to the doctor to get an x-ray and all is fine (except they discovered he has 2 ear infections and a fever - poor guy). It gives me the willies to see his bones; it makes him seem so fragile. The x-ray technician looked at my fat stomach and asked if I thought I was pregnant because my son would have to sit on my lap for the x-ray. I said I don't think I'm pregnant...but I haven't taken a test...sheesh. He kept eying my stomach. So afterwards, we drove through Burger King for some fries.


Paula said...

Lol! Go Burger King! Well, you can be thankful that he thought you were of child-bearing age and it's probably a question he has to ask a lot in his business. (not so much your stomach!)
Ethan's foot looks so big in this!

Jeannette said...

I think I would have ordered the burger and milk shake to go with the fries. They should train radiologists to say things like "You don't look like you are pregnant, but I have to ask..."