Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 118 - A Tulip

A tulip from my backyard. Jeannette has asked about this photo in the comments, so here's the straight-out-of-the-camera shot below:
That texture-like looking background came from a shallow depth of field (f stop 1.8), and I did tell my camera where to focus (on the flower). I ran two actions in Photoshop: Pioneer Woman's Fresh and Colorful and her Quick Edge Burn.


Jeannette said...

Are you getting that affect from your aperature settings when you take the shot? Or editing? Or a little of both? I played with the focus up front vs. focus up front and in the background the other day and failed miserably. My camera is smarter than me, I'll admit it. I'm working on changing that.

Kelley Taylor said...

Jeanette, I've added info about the picture in the original post. Keep up the work with your camera!