Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Harlequin's Weekly Top Ten

Top 10 Budget Book Buys - these titles aren't as hilarious as previous weeks; some of them are actual normal titles - I'm kind of disappointed. Maybe it's because they are budget books and they couldn't afford to go all out with the cheesy titles?
1. A Perfect Stranger by Jenna Ryan
2. A Marriageable Miss by Dorothy Elbury
3. Kiss Me Twice by Geri Guillaume (I'd prefer a lot more than two times!)
4. Dream Stalker by Jenna Kernan (That's just scary.)
5. Lord of Legends by Susan Krinard
6. Australian Bachelors, Sassy Brides by Jennie Adams and Margaret Way (This is what I'm talking about, a cheesy title that describes the two main characters; too bad we don't know from the title whether the bachelor is rich!)
7. Then Comes Baby by Helen Brenna (I'll bet I know what comes first...)
8. And the Bride Wore Red by Lucy Gordon (You have to question a title that starts with a conjunction...)
9. A Small-Town Reunion by Terry McLaughlin
10. Traitor or Temptress by Helen Dickson (Don't get me started on this one!)

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