Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 162 - Life Size Frog

We ate at a restaurant that is decorated like a rain forest inside and they also have a frog walking around. This picture pains me as well because I had to use my flash; the lighting was very low, but at least I took a picture that day. (Note all the stains on the frog's hand (hand?) from the food encrusted kids giving him high-fives.)

Later on we saw the frog exit the restaurant to a door which was probably a break room or a bathroom. My son asked where the frog went and my husband said, "Well, maybe he had to go to the bathroom." My son responded, "Frogs don't go to the bathroom, they don't have penises or butts." As for me, I'm just glad that the life-size frog didn't have a penis or butt.

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