Thursday, February 23, 2012

Books: Longing by Karen Kingsbury

I've finished Karen Kingbury's third book in the Bailey Flanigan series, Longing, a week or so ago. I really enjoy Kingsbury's writing and have read almost all of her books (oddly enough, the one I couldn't finish was Dandelion Dust which was made into a movie!). But enough of that. The big question in the Bailey Flanigan series is which man will she choose? Her first crush-turned love who suddenly started ignoring her a year ago? Or the man who loves her and pursues her now? My vote is for the currently man, Brandon Paul. I was very pleased with how the third book played out and I hope Kingsbury doesn't change up things for the fourth book (meaning I hope she doesn't have Bailey switch which guy she chooses). This book actually had me shedding a tear or two (which just does not happen for me when I read books. I felt very cliche when I realized my eyes were misting up, but there is a certain sad scene that warrants tears.) 

One of Kingsbury's amazing ideas is to have the main characters of her book, Bailey, Brandon, and Cody have a Facebook page. You can like them and see their updates. Kingsbury has movie trailers for her books as well and her daughter acts in the role of Bailey. You know when you read a fiction book and it really feels like the characters seem so alive to you? Well, having the fictional characters have their own Facebook page really makes the characters come to life. All of Kingsbury's books are good, inspirational reads.

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